Bonfire 0 10 0 The Orc sex game

CategoryAnime Games
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DescriptionThe orc sex game. Please support the developer at

Basic controls:

W, A, S, D = basic character movement
Mouse drag + Left mouse button (held down) = orbit camera around character
Mouse drag + Right mouse button (held down) = change camera height
Mouse wheel = camera zoom


Clicking near the base of your character's meat will allow him to masturbate. Use mouse vertical motions to control the stroke movement. Be gentle!
Clicking right mouse button while on this mode will give you some bonus.
Esc quits fap mode.

Clicking on the camera icon (top right corner of screen) while on anal sex will enable extended camera mode, on which you can use the mouse combinations for camera adjustment:

Left mouse button = orbit camera around characters
Right mouse button = pan camera left right/up down
Mousewheel = zoom in and out
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