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DescriptionExcellent photography and production are captured in this vintage gay porn movie about the Black Pack -- a hustlers' club.

Tight-bodied and muscular, a jockstrap-dad black man lets Jim Benson (Caucasian) massage him, suck his large cock, and jack him off. Butch Jackson interviews Bosco for induction into the pack.

Proving his stuff, Bosco sucks Butch's uncut dick and takes Butch's and Sport's cock up his ass (excellent anal and oral penetration shots here).

Joe Simmons and a uniformed attendant exchange blow jobs and jacking-off in an elevator.

A Satellite Video that's big on cock size, dose-ups and muscle.

Underwear and asshole fingering also featured.

A more detailed description from our archive:

This Satellite Video begins with Johnny Valentine standing nude with an all black background talking on the telephone to Butch Jackson. Butch tells Johnny that a man named Mr. Jenkins wants to meet him for getting into a hustlers group called the Black Pack. Johnny is hesitant and does not want to but Butch talks him into it.

Then, after the opening credits, a muscular black man is shown lying on a table, dressed in a jockstrap. He is awaiting Jim Benson (a Caucasian, the only one in this video, who is cute, boyish, muscular and brunet) to give him a massage. Jim Rubs the black man's body the table and takes off his jeans, revealing that he is in a jockstrap also. Jim rubs his dick in the jockstrap, the black man's, and rubs oil onto it.

He then sucks the black guy's cock (excellent shots and closeups). Jim licks his tits, his stomach and sucks his cock some more. Jim then climbs on top the black man and has his dick jacked off through the jockstrap. The black man jacks off Jim as Jim fingers his own asshole. Jim cums onto the black man and the black man jacks himself off, also cumming. There is a freeze frame on Jim's face as this first scene ends.

Next, in a gameroom, Butch is shown playing pool-dressed in jeans and a plaid shirt. Sport is there also, standing behind a bar (he is light-skinned, wears a leather coat and white shirt, jeans and and belt with "Sport" on the buckle). They discuss and argue about who will "bust out" a new recruit for the Black Pack hustlers. His name is "Bosco" and will be there shortly.

Next, Butch interviews Bosco and asks why he thinks he should be in the Black Pack. He says because he is black and can "pack." Butch wants him to prove his stuff and unbuttons his shirt and has Bosco get naked.

Nude, Butch tells Bosco to suck him off. Bosco sucks Butch's uncut, black, huge dick (excellent shots) and Sport wants to get involved--but Butch tells him he's fine as he is. Bosco, wearing longjohns, stands and Butch opens the back flap to reveal his soft ass. (Bosco is lean, has a tight, defined body, is boyish and has a small mustache). Butch then fucks Bosco in a missionary position (excellent penetration shot) as he takes to sucking Sports dick through his leather shorts. Sport stands over Bosco's face and gets a great blowjob while Bosco is fucked.

All three suck each other some and then Sport takes Butch's place at fucking Bosco(excellent fuck shots!!!). Butch then spreads Bosco's ass cheeks and Sport fucks him dogie style on a bed--Sport's dick is big and fat. They tell him he's in the pack as all three man jack off and cum.

Meanwhile, with a pan of 42nd Street in New York, Joe Simmons rings the bell of an elevator and complains to himself about having to come all of this way for a trick he has. Joe is very GQ looking, muscular, lean, very handsome and has a big dick. The elevator opens and Joe gets in with the attendant and they start up. The elevator man scopes Joe out and begins to rub his crotch through his overalls.

Joe returns the gesture and the elevator is stopped in mid-floor. Both man open their pants and jack off in front of each other and then Joe takes to sucking the very big dick of the attendant--who has an uncut, very fat dick, is handsome. Both men take turns sucking each other's meat and then both jack off and cum. Excellent photography here.

The last scene in this video reveals B.J. Simpson in an rundown apartment as he sits and cuts a line of coke on a table. Another black man is there and and wants B.J. to give him credit for the coke. B.J. wants the man's body instead and B.J. sucks his cock (he is youthful, plump in the belly, lean, really cute, boyish) on a half bed. The youth then sits on the bed and B.J. sucks his cock. There are excellent close-ups here and a long blow job for the black youth.

Then, the video cuts to B.J. getting buttfucked in a missionary position by the youth (excellent fuck photography). After a long ass fuck, B.J. jacks off and cums. The youth, too of the scene and the video. There is a freeze frame as he cums at the end of this excellent vintage gay porn movie.

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PRODUCT DETAILS:DVD Year:1988 Cast:Joe Simmons; B.J. Simpson; Jim Benson; Butch Jackson; Damian Harris; Jeff Johnson; Sport; Johnny Valentine Length:75 Studio:Satellite Director:Fran
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