THOMAS torture - part 5

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Part 5


Thomas, on his back, and still roped at the ankles and wrists to the boy cage behind, struggles in sheer pain after being left for hours with the dildo shoved up his ass. J.J. doesn’t feel sorry for him, and to make things more entertaining, J.J. brings the crop into the mix, alternately cropping helpless Thomas’s ass, thighs, and feet in random fashion. Thomas’s toes curl with each crack of the crop on his feet, and that perfectly propped ass tenses, flexes, and sways with each smack on those firm cheeks. Although J.J. gave that prime asshole a little break, he shoves the dildo right back in after he is finished with the crop, leaving our poor frat boy to suffer for hours more screaming “Please take it out! Please! Please take it out!” His cries fall on deaf ears.

ENJOY!!!!!!  XD

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