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Cave - gangsterfuck.com

Part 1:
Vlad broke up with his girlfriend. He enters a table dance bar where Kevin and Tobi are already waiting for new victims. One drink later Vlad falls asleep and the boys lock the door. Tobi starts to undress the straight guy. He fondles and touches him everywhere before he pushes his finger deep inside the hole

Part 2:
Tobi gets a hard-on when he sees the helpless beauty laying in front of him. Naked and helpless. Together with Kevin he starts to tie him up cause you never know if he might wake up. Tobi starts. Slowly he pushes his giant penis into the virgin-hole. The sleeping Vlad would cry from pain if he would wake up right now. So better be careful.

Part 3:
Tobi fucks like a madman. His giant cock tortures the straight-hole. They untie Vlad and put him onto the dance floor. Then Susi comes and puts suspenders over Vlad´s legs. Hog-tied and helpless it´s time now to wake him up. Vlad struggles and wants to cry and shout but Kevin gags his mouth with his dick. As a reward he gets a dollar put into his ass.

Part 4:
Vlad lays on the dance-floor. Naked and helpless. His hands and feet are tied to a dirty broom. Tobi pushes a giant dildo right into the guy´s ass and moves it in all directions. Kevin grabs the guy´s head and starts to kiss him. Then they tie the straight guy over a chair and give him a good, long fuck before they bring him to a dirty chamber where he gets his face covered with cum.

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