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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2008-05-10 |
Things get off to a sizzling start as the muy cahente Tony Ryan
gives dreamy football hunk Dave Nelson's tight pucker hole a tongue shellacking.
Next comes a sly twist: Ryan, usually a bottom, slides his greased monster cock
deep into the virgin tight ass of Nelson, who's traditionally a top.
These two really get it on feverishly, but even after Nelson creams a load,
he continues to go down on Ryan, prompted by Ryan's brutish verbal abuse.
Some sure-to-be-classic one-liners here include,
"Eat my ]uices, mani"and "Put your nose up my  uh  butt, dude'"
Outside, a gaggle of inmates is pumping iron and shooting hoops
(keep your eyes peeled for the real ex-cons in this scene,
some of whom participate in the pornographic proceedings soon to take place).
In a private corner of the playground, Ingo and the hunky new inmate "Luke"
(our man Zak - meaty, muscled and adorably furry) get acquainted
with each other: Luke deep-chokes Ingo's uncut plunger and feasts
on his excess foreskin; Ingo likewise swallows the new guy's thick
steely rod greedily. After much nut tugging and ass slurping, they
engage in a mutual butt-spelunking session atop the bench press.
Next up is a sequence notable for several reasons. It begins with a double suck,
as Ingo's bitch-boy (Vic Hall) blows both Marc Anthony
(a stunningly hot chiseled thug with a sexy goatee and a truly magnificent cock)
and blonde stud-muffin Cameron Sage, at one point accommodating both thick cocks
in his mouth at once. Next, the slurp'd boys tear off Hall's boxers
(speaking of which: since when have Anthony's Calvin's been standard
issue prison underwear?), and then take turns plowing hard into the bitch-boy's fuck hole.
Some fine overhead camerawork obscures the condoms, so we're treated
to the extended illusion that both Anthony and Sage are giving it to Hall raw.
As an added element, note that two of the three cocks here belong to actual ex-cons,
one of whom is wearing a (hidden) ankle tracer' And, ]ust for shits-and-giggles,
checkout the clever naked lady tattoo bitch-boy Hall wears on his abdomen (his navel is her 'ginai).
Next, the Warden (ruggedly handsome beefcake Nark Reed) has a sampling of what
new con "Tony Wolf" (super hung Latin hottie Alec Martinez) has to offer.
Their scene gets off to a shaky start with some stiff acting, but thankfully
their cocks are soon even stiffer and their ravenous appetites for stiffened cock
are lustfully indulged. Watch in sordid delight as dominant/submissive roles are toyed with.
The bullying red-faced Warden, his veins throbbing at the temples, is the first to kneel
and expertly chows all the way down on Martinez' huge uncut throat-plug
(a mean feat considering the length and width - and crookedness - of his bent monster schlong).
Then the Warden spit-shines the punk's shaved hole. But wait. The Joint is a flick that dares
to ask the question: "Do you wanna fuck the Warden's ass?" No sooner instructed to do so,
Martinez is lunging his ludicrously large lubricated Latin love lobe laterally into the Warden's
lithe luscious lane of lust.
For the finale, we crosscut between two smokingly hot scenes: Zak abuses a prison guard (Erik Mann)
in his cell; and "Ratboy" pigs out on a train of eight huge, pulsating, cum-spewing cocks in the shower.
Zak's verbal domination of the prison guard escalates to sloppy cocksucking
(Mann chugs down on Zak's meat and his own nightsticki), followed by a dynamite fuck-fest throughout
which Mann's muscled ass completely swallows up Zak's mighty tool.
But it's the "Suck, Ratboy, Suck" sequence that's sure to become an instant classic.
A big round of applause and a mighty squirt for Drew Peters, whose spectacular,
insatiable oral service of a creamy lineup of eight horse-hung stud puppies
(all of them over B'") should guarantee him the award for "Cocksucker of the Year".
Taunted by Ingo (his line is "Suck it, RatboyHj Peters drops to his knees and obediently
gives his ready ����� velvety tonsil-massage  then the next cock  and the next  and so on.
The climax is an incredible sight to behold: the guys are all standing over Patboy and,
within a single unedited shot, they each gush a mighty load all over him,
leaving him slathered in a gooey puddle of hot, sticky boy-]uice.
Technical aspects are first-rate, particularly the realistic lighting and sound effects.
All of the on-set moaning and grunting is punctuated by the clanging,
echoing clatter of cellblock noises instead of intrusive disco-porn music.
It's a rather nice touch that con]ures up the actual sonic atmosphere of a prison
(though it's too obvious that some audio "effects" are played on a repeating loop).
Another point to mention is that Zak was given uncommon power to select his
playmates and co-stars, ensuring that the
heat we see in the movie is mutual among all the players - everyone's obviously
into each other and their lusty enthusiasm
is sweatily evident onscreen' Also delightfully noteworthy is the fact that each
guy pictured on the box is far yummier in
the actual movie.

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