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Bottoms like it rough, they even like it more if you rip a hole in their underwear to get at their slut hole. Four hot scenes of tops ripping a hole in the bottoms favorite underwear so they can bareback that hole deep. Not to mention seeding their holes full of hot jizz!

You know how much I love bubble butt! So after I finished face fucking Danny Lopez's throat I quickly ripped a hole in his underwear exposing his slutty hole and slide my thick man meat up it and started pumping away. Spreading that hole I started power fucking him on his stomach then I picked him up and sat him right down on my bare cock again and let him do some riding while I watched my meat go up his hole raw. I threw him on his stomach one more time so I can finish him off and breed his slut ass with my juicy jizz. Another slut gets seeded!

Rowdy McBeal is finally gonna get to be the top on camera and he wanted desperately to pay back Kamrun and show him how a boy barebacks black ass. But not before he showed Kamrun how to suck cock by ramming it down his throat a few times. He then bent Kamrun over and ripped his underwear so he can see that tight black hole begging to be used. Teasing it with his tongue he then slide his boy cock bareback into that waiting hole and starting using it for his pleasure. Kamrun let him do what he wanted cause he knew it was his turn to take it like a man!

Danny Lopez loves his slut hole to be worked over, so what better way to get it abused then from the big 9x7 cock of Kane Rider. Kane and Danny are off camera fuck buddies so it didn't take long for Danny to get to his knees and start swallowing that thick black meat down his throat sending Kane into ecstasy! Kane didn't waste time in ripping a hole in Danny's underwear to eat out his hole and get it all wet so he could shove his black slut cock up that hole bareback and power fuck his man cunt like it deserved to be fucked!

Kane Rider loves getting his holes used by a dominate top. He will just let you do whatever you want and as hard as you want, just make sure you breed him when you are done. He go right to servicing the cock of Tyler Reed and showing him how good a slut bottom he can be. Tyler quickly rips a hole in his favorite underwear and shoves his cock deep in that dark loose slut hole that he has fucked many times before. Tyler wastes no time to power fuck that hole bareback only to pull out and make Kane suck his cock and taste his own slut hole. You all know how this scene is gonna end!
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