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♺ Mustang - MVP 080 - Ritual

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-03-31 by unknown |

Two boyfriends -- Jason Ridge and Tim Towers -- embark on a romantic camping weekend getaway in the mountains that will forever change their lives.

After setting up camp, Tim Towers passes the time by striking up some hot, unrestrained sex with a wandering hiker Ryann Wood. When Jason wakes up in the morning, his boyfriend is nowhere to be found. Could is disappearance have something to do with the strange tribal noises they heard the night before?

Frantically searching the forest, Jason comes across two nasty rednecks -- Jake Dakota and Steve Trevor -- brutally fucking each other inside a small hut.

He begs for their help, but instead the seize him, throwing him inside a nasty shack where he's finally reunited with Tim. The two finally have an idea what's in store for them: They are going to be initiated into a bizarre sex Ritual.

Cult leader Cal "Speedy" Reynolds prepares two underlings, Dak Ramsey and Adam Faust, for the intense sexual ritual that's about to unfold.

Night approaches. In front of a raging bonfire, the two "city boys" are stripped down, collared, branded and forced to cater to every brutal and animalistic sexual whim of Cal, Rocco Vitali, and Parker Williams. No one is ever the same after The Ritual.
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