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Hot House - Hole Busters 1,2,3

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DescriptionThree first volumes of the Hole Busters Series (Hot House/Club Inferno). AVI MPEG-4 files, 720 x 416.

Basically, men with a huge anal fetish training their asses with dildo and other toys.

Vol 1 (2010) : staring Evan Matthews, Jackson Lawless, Logan Scott, Sage Daniels, Trent Diesel, Valentin Petrov, directed by Chris Howen

"The handball all-stars from the Club Inferno Dungeon show you how real men play with toys. Grab your favorite butt-plug and get off with the Hole Busters.

Jackson Lawless and his hungry hole are the perfect choice for our Hole Busters premiere episode. You’ll want to grab the biggest toys in your toolbox and ride along with Lawless as he shoves an array of professional grade hole-busting dildos up his hot young smooth hole. Go deep and wide with Jackson and see if you can keep up.

Sage Daniels chooses his favorite toy from the Hole Busters’ arsenal – the foot-long silicone anal beads. The tattooed muscle-pup bends over and shoves the first ball in, then the next one. All of the ass-stretching gets him ready for the big daddy – an enormous dildo as big around as his forearm. As soon as he shoves it in his hole his dick gets hard. The horny stud whips out his cock and blows his load – and eats it. Hot.

Infamous Evan Matthews proves he’s the reigning king of hardcore butt-play. The accomplished ass-pig starts off with a bang – an 18” long dildo as thick around as a man’s arm. Matthews effortlessly sits down on the massive tool, pulling it in and out until he pops a bright rosebud. Ready for more, Evan stands and shoves his own fist in his ass before swallowing a new toy, twice as big around as the one before.

Valentin Petrov may be a chiseled stud with a horse-cock but he shows us how much he loves a big dildo up his ass. He selects an arsenal of huge toys and sets them up in order of size. The first one goes in pretty easily so he moves on to something a little thicker – a shocking 10” fake cock as big around as a baseball bat. He lubes up and bounces on the latex whopper until it disappears deep in his hole.

Logan Scott, a young muscular stud with a fat cock, usually tops guys on camera. He came to Hole Busters and told us he was ready to explore assplay and wanted to try out some of our toys. He opens his hole with an inflatable butt-plug then moves on to a pretty long dildo which he eventually manages to slide deep in his ass. Next he chooses the thick anal beads and almost swallows them all. He does a great job busting his butt-play cherry.

Trent Diesel, a cornfed mid-Western hunk, told us he recently discovered how good it feels to shove things up his butt. When he saw our huge selection of toys he couldn’t wait to show off for all of you hole busters out there. He starts with a pretty impressive foot-long dildo which he uses to prime his hole for a much bigger toy; a monster-cock, longer and twice as big around. He climbs up on top of the big daddy and bounces on it, causing his huge cock to burst right out of his leather jock strap. His cumshot pretty much drenches the camera man."

Vol 2 (2011) : staring Ian Jay, Cole Streets, Troy Daniels, Drake Jaden, Craig Reynolds, Jaxon directed by Chris Howen

"The handball all-stars from the Club Inferno Dungeon show you how real men play with toys. Grab your favorite butt-plug and get off with Hole Busters 2.

Ian Jay lives up to his reputation as a man who loves to get his hole plowed when he chooses the biggest toy in our arsenal – a 2 foot long dildo that can only be called the Man Rammer. The notorious ass-pig lays in a sling, slowly working the giant tool into his hole. Just when it looks like he can’t get it in any deeper by himself, Cole Streets comes into the dungeon and takes over. Like a good buddy, Cole stuffs Ian’s hole until nearly the entire toy disappears.

Cole Streets, an award-winning performer generally recognized an aggressive top, shows us that he loves to get in touch with his prostate. The 6’ 2” stud kicks back and pulls out his huge cock, showing off for the camera. Slipping out of his leather jock, he chooses a thick latex ramrod and works it into his ass. He shoves it in and out, stretching his hole in preparation for an even bigger butt toy: a 2’ double-headed dildo. The nonstop assplay makes his cock rock hard and he blows his load.

Craig Reynolds obviously works hard in the gym. The 6’2” bodybuilder has the muscles to prove it. He also works hard shoving things up his big round bubble butt. Craig loves to get his hole plowed – and he proves it. Watch him take some of the biggest toys in the dungeon and beg for more.

Troy Daniels doesn’t look like someone who would be into working his hole on camera. With his collegiate good looks and worked out body he looks more like someone you’d see on a varsity swim team, but looks sometimes deceive. The fresh young stud kicks back and works on his big cock, getting himself hot and horny. In no time he grabs a big dildo and works it into his tight hole. He pulls of his jock and sniffs it before choosing an even bigger toy.

Jaxon comes straight to the set from his job at a local auto garage. The scruffy young stud strips out of his overalls to reveal that he’s wearing nothing but a jockstrap underneath with a buttplug already squeezed into his tight hole. He pushes the buttplug in and out of his sweaty ass then replaces it with an inflatable dildo. He pumps air into the monster ass-toy, groaning as it stretches his hole. He pulls out a jumbo latex fake cock, secures it to his toolbox, and rides it hard, giving us one hell of a hot show.

Damn Drake Jaden’s hot. Like a true hardcore hole buster, Drake does crunches on a workout ball with a butt-plug already in place. As soon as the cameras roll he’s naked and stroking his huge cock while pummeling his ass with a series of dildos and toys. There’s no doubt he’s into major assplay – his dick is hard the whole time and he blows a thick load – then licks it up."

Vol 3 (2011) : staring Sebastian Keys, Alex Summers, Blake Daniels, Brody Wilde, Jessie Balboa, Ryan Wilde, directed by Chris Howen

"The handball all-stars from the Club Inferno Dungeon show you how real men play with toys in Hole Busters Volume 3. Grab your favorite butt-plug and get off with the Hole Busters.

Blake Daniels cools down from his workout by pouring a bottled water over his head; but the water only seems to make him hotter. He pulls out his huge cock and starts jacking off and fingering his hole. He grabs the biggest dildo in the room and shoves it deep in his ass, stretching his hole for a foot-long butt-plug. Blake bounces on the 12” toy then lies back and fucks himself with it by pushing it into his hole with his foot, freeing his hands to milk a load out of his juicy cock.

Ryan Wild came to Hole Busters to pop his buttplay-cherry. That’s right, prior to this scene, Ryan had never stuck anything up his tight virgin hole. The young stud shows off his boxing skills with an intense workout on the punching bag before selecting his first dildo. Leaning against the bag for support he slowly works the average-size toy in and out of his butt. Judging from his hard cock, Ryan likes what he feels. His next dildo, a bigger, more ambitious monster, does the trick and he blows a gooey load. Great job Ryan.

With his spiky dark hair and tattoos, Brody Wilde looks like one of those guys you lust after when you see him whizzing by on his skateboard. As luck would have it, Brody likes to show off so he came to Hole Busters to prove that he may be young but he’s not timid when it comes to toys and buttplay. He starts with a hefty dildo that he works into his tight, perfect hole and fucks himself deep. His moans indicate that he’s just warming up as he moves on to a thick set of anal beads. He gets the first one in, then the second… how many can he take? Watch now to find out.

Alex Summers can’t make up his mind so he lubes up all the dildos on the set. The greedy redhead grabs a long, thick toy with a suction cup base. He secures it to the leather bench and bounces up and down, stretching out his young hole. Ready for more, he flips over on his back and attacks his juicy white butt with a huge black latex cone – one of the biggest in the house. Alex’s eyes roll back in his head as he pulls out the huge assplug, revealing his twitching hole.

Jessie Balboa wakes up to find that he’s still got the dildo from last night lodged in his ass. Like a true ass-pig he decides to pick up where he left off and works the plug in and out of his ass. After a few minutes Jessie reaches for his toy chest and pulls out the monster, a 18” long fake cock as big around as a man’s arm. Jessie sits down and swallows the huge beast to the base which causes his hole to pucker. Like a true fist freak, Jessie reaches around and shoves his own hand up his ass and leaves it there, savoring every minute of it.

Sebastian Keys may surprise you. Despite his wholesome good looks, this young ginger loves to shove things up his butt. His favorite toy in the Hole Busters playroom turns out to be the inflatable butt-plug. About the size of a plumb when at rest, the bulb easily slides into Sebastian’s ass. After a few pumps on the handle, the toy triples in size until it’s too large to be contained and pops out of his twitching hole. Sebastian repeats this trick until he’s ready for the big guns – a 5lb dildo as big around as his own arm. Sebastian plunges the monster into his ass, then pulls it out to reveal the beginning of his fresh young rosebud."
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