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MBZ - Elder Roberts & Brother Jensen - GOSPEL PRINCIPLES

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DescriptionNew member Brother Jensen shows his gratitude to the missionaries by worshipping Elder Roberts’s cock.

Elder Roberts has a lot of responsibilities. On top of his missionary work, he’s also serving as branch president of his tiny congregation. And because there are so few members of the Church in his area, other duties in the branch often fall to him, too. This Sunday, after presiding over sacrament meeting, he’s teaching the Gospel Principles class. The only student is handsome, clean-cut Brother Jensen, who was baptized about one year ago. Elder Roberts hasn’t had time to prepare, and Brother Jensen can see that the sexy young man is a little stressed out. He’d really like to do something for the blonde Mormon stud, something to help him relax and forget about his mission for a while.

As Elder Roberts begins the lesson, Brother Jensen interrupts him to reminisce about all the times the missionaries have come over to his house for dinner. Brother Jensen is a bachelor, and Elder Roberts has more than once fantasized about going to his house and showing him how much fun it is to fuck a Mormon.

“The best part of having the missionaries over is dessert,” says Brother Jensen with a mischievous look on his face.

“Oh yeah?” Elder Roberts’s dick twitches in his pants. “What kind of dessert?”

“I’d show you,” he says, “but is it safe here in the church?”

“I’m the branch president,” say the cocky young man. “We’ll be fine.” He gets up to lock the door, and when he returns the older man is already on his knees.

“You just relax,” he says. “I’ll do all the work.”

That’s sounds pretty great to the missionary, who has been under a lot of pressure. His dick is already getting hard in his pants. Brother Jensen runs a hand over it, and then untucks the boy’s shirt. He sticks his hand under his garments and feels his hard, hairy abs and his big chest. Elder Roberts leans back and enjoys the older man’s attention. He can feel the stress starting to melt away. At the same time, his nipples get hard and he starts to buzz with sexual energy. He closes his eyes as Brother Jensen pinches his sensitive nipple.

After spending so much time worrying about others, it feels amazing to kick back and let someone else take care of him. Brother Jensen takes off the missionary’s shirt, and then unzips his pants. The elder sits there in his garments, his huge, hard cock throbbing. Brother Jensen’s mouth is watering. He fondles the missionary’s dick through the garments, then pulls off his pants. He pulls on the boy’s balls while he massages his chest. Then he pulls his dick out of the flap in his garments and puts it in his mouth. He can taste the precum dripping from the boy’s pulsing cock.

Elder Robert’s reaches for the other man’s dick, but he pushes the hand away. He wants to see the Mormon boy naked, so he peels off the garments and takes a long look at the boy’s body. His dick aches to be touched, but he denies it. He loves being fully dressed while he slobbers on the nude boy’s fat dick. And Elder Roberts loves having a shameless older man devoted to pleasing him. He guides Brother Jensen’s head back down to his cock.

As the new member licks and sucks his dick, he feels his balls tingle and can’t wait to fill his mouth with hot sticky cum. He guides Brother Newman’s head down, so deep the man gags on the long thick cock.

Brother Jensen can see that the missionary is getting close to orgasm. He sits back and starts rubbing the wet cock with his hand. His tongue flickers on the head of his cock, which is bright red and throbbing. When the missionary feels the orgasm is on its way, he throws his head back and shoots a thick load all over Brother Jensen’s mouth and hand. Brother Jensen works his foreskin back and forth, then licks up the cum. His eyes are red and teary after having his face fucked, and his throat aches.

But that was a tasty dessert. Joining the church really has brought a lot of blessings into his life.

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