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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-10-17 |

The film opens with a torrid rooftop tryst between Spears and Kennedy, the smiley blonde cutie with the big piece. Kennedy can’t get enough of Spears’ ample tool. Spears works Kennedy’s hang-low for a bit before settling into a comfortable position on Kennedy’s face. Kennedy gets more than his RDA of ass as he laps fervently at Spears’ raisin. Anal sex is next on the agenda, and Spears really knows what he’s doing when he slams Kennedy’s alabaster cheeks. Kennedy shifts position and rides Spears like he’s on a carnal carousel, before the two men reach climax.

In the next spunk-filled bonanza, Saxon gets his voyeur funk on as he watches Nealson and Bramm go at it. Nealson is a lanky blonde with a saucy head of curls a la Christopher Atkins. Bramm is a tan, dark-haired Italian stallion with a sly sexy smile. Together, they’re sexual mayhem! Bramm goes to chow town on Nealson’s oversized organ, before Bramm feeds Nealson his own meat.

Meanwhile, clean-cut cutie Saxon is watching this sexual tableau unfold as he tugs on his uncut slab. Saxon can only take so much before he has to come over and plant his kisser on Nealson’s heiney-hole. After sampling both Nealson’s ass and Bramm’s stoker, Saxon flips onto his back and gets Greeked by both.

Next up is a porn megastar oral orgy starring Spears, Brandon, Ebson, Lance and Reed. Everyone, including Spear, is licking and sucking anything and everything. At one point, the men line up and pull a fellatio train on Spears, who eagerly gobbles each and every one of the phalluses dangled before him. Spears gets his just desserts at the end in the form of a drizzling of creamy stud-syrup.

Serious masturbation fodder is next on the agenda, compliments of superstuds Donovan and Caesar. Some innocent tonsil-hockey quickly leads to face banging, with Donovan on the receiving end. Donovan explores the forbidden hollow between Caesar’s perfect buttcheeks, before sliding a molded plastic phallic replica (known as a “dildo”) up the ass in question. Cox then enters the scene, and a saucy three-way develops.

Next, it’s orgy time again for Spears, this time in a locker room with Bacci, Price and Martinez. Hands, mouths, cocks and butts fill the screen. Spears gets a three course ass feast when his friends offer their swirled rosettes up to his insatiable tongue. Spears then presents his own brown eye, which Martinez attacks, first with his tongue, then with his chumpy. Rockwell then takes his turn with Spear’s ass, which swallows his dick effortlessly.

Spears, evidently tired of being everyone’s “bitch,” turns up the testosterone and nails Bacci in the behind like a real man. Price then ups the ante by taking not one, but two bloated ramrods up his own cavernous shitter. Gadzooks!

2000, 98 min

Resolution: 688 X 544

Country:  US

Studio:  Men of Odyssey

Cast:  Zak Spears, Tony Donovan, Nino Bacci, Caesar, Logan Reed, Anthony Cox, Kyle Kennedy, Leo Bramm, Hans Ebson, Trey Nealson, Michael Lance, Tommy Saxx, Billy Knight, Mark Rockwell, Michael Brandon, Alec Martinez, Jackson Price, Kurt Young

Director:  Chi Chi LaRue, Jim Steel
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