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007 GAYVN AWARD NOMINEE! Water. Waves. Underwater camera. The ocean. Hot tubs. Steamy sex. Thats right -- water sports are synonymous with Rio de Janeiro, city of endless beaches and beautiful, big-dicked boys.

scene one
Two hotties visit a brazilian beach but wish for more privacy. Suddenly we see them stripping and locking lips at a penthouse hot-tub. The underwater ballet of brazillian boners begins. Blonde-boy Pero Coresma worships his new friend -- porn veteran Antonio de Castro -- both above and underwater. Its a miracle that Pero can hold his breath as long as he does as he goes down on Antonio under the bubbling water. He nearly sucks the cream straight out of his friends wet pecker, then cums up for air only to lick Antonios legs, feet, and cock til they are bone dry! They then move to Peros sex dungeon where the scene heats up into a fuck session of unforgettable plowing! The young bottom moans in ecstasy until he finally explodes his horny load. Antonio rewards him by covering his face with his man-juice like a glazed-over white-chocolate donut, while Pero dreams of the next sex scene.

scene two
How producer Alexander manages to find super-model-quality boys with cocks the size of 2 by 4s is unimaginable. Ultra-young Samuel Jacques and latino porn star Antonio de Capos are two of these brazilian beauties. It takes two hands to hold onto these giant man-rods as they jerk each other off, kiss each other in romantic delight, then fuck the shit out of each other like there was no tomorrow. In this scene, they take turns banging each other like a southern-hemisphere high-school fuck tag-team. Finally, the two barely-legal boys shoot their explosive releases in blissful, brazilian euphoria!

scene three
The sex dungeon becomes another scorching dream scene as studpuppy Gomez Cabral and brazilian bombshell Castel Lorenzo parades and pose their perfectly chiseled bods for merman Joam das Neves to worship with his heavenly eyes and luscious lips. Obviously stoked to be poked, pro-bottom Joam displays his devotion to the brute brazilian sex pigs with an underwater suck-session that tops all others! At one point, the epic water-orgy blasts into a first-of-its-kind sub-jacuzzi jamboree! Then the moistened man-sticks are sucked dry above the water line as the cute ethnic bottom preps his buddys chutes for a powerful portuguese plugging unmatched in any previous porn flick. The two tops use and abuse their pretty bottom-boy until Gomez caliente cock finds its way into the vice-like grip of one of the tightest butts in the biz. Then, simultaneously, the sweet sex seeds detonate like amazonian atomic bombs.

scene four
Two more hard hispanic hunks appear in the next dream sequence. Their sexy south american underwear are torn off exposing Antonio Jacques mushroom-headed man-meat for latin rock-star look-a-like Rafael Lucios hungry bottomless mouth. The bone-stiffening continues as the camera squeezes its way in between the two butch boys showing Rafaels hairless, hungry hole! He then flexes his pretty rosie cheeks and mounts his top Brokeback brazilian-style! Wet, white globs of jiz erupt from the stiff rods of both boy-babes at the end of their sinful sexxxscapade!

scene five
The finale to this ball-busting blockbuster begins when super XXX-men Ramon Mendez and Denis Mello entice their soon-to-be sex slave Darrien Leon who innocently attempts to please both brazilian gods in an impressive underwater dick dance. Its a miracle that all three hotties are able to keep their underwater rods stiffer than a pool stick and engorged like a stuffed Rio de Janeiro red pepper! Cutie bottom Darrien then makes his tight ass-shaft ready and waiting for the penile paradise of the two moist, macho men. The searing sex scene ends up on the same mirrored dungeon-bed where sex-star Ramon crams his humungous man-muscle into his pleasure-seeking bottom for an all-out portuguese penetration!

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