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DescriptionSexyFitGuy loves to get on webcam when his girlfriend goes to work. He loves to jerk off for the gayboys and show them a good time. Lots of jerking and cumshots. He even cums in a glass sometimes. Loves to show off his hot bubble ass for the boys, and does a few cumshots to the mouth.

Some videos have sound and some do not. I find they play best with the VLC Player. If you dont want to download the full torrent, you can always use a client like uTorrent and download individual files one by one.

Flie List:
1.flv 85.68 MB
10.flv 9.30 MB
11.flv 205.26 MB
12.flv 51.79 MB
13.flv 67.63 MB
14.flv 150.62 MB
15.flv 11.54 MB
16.flv 89.63 MB
17.flv 62.33 MB
18.flv 117.22 MB
19.flv 151.13 MB
2.flv 23.19 MB
20.flv 73.41 MB
21.flv 5.40 MB
22.flv 65.00 MB
23.flv 24.35 MB
24.flv 34.23 MB
25.flv 18.83 MB
26.flv 73.90 MB
27.flv 42.82 MB
28.flv 59.25 MB
29.flv 40.23 MB
3.flv 163.94 MB
30.flv 71.53 MB
31.flv 92.80 MB
32.flv 20.06 MB
33.flv 151.38 MB
34.flv 180.36 MB
35.flv 331.56 MB
36.flv 14.50 MB
37.flv 24.36 MB
38.flv 11.57 MB
39.flv 23.18 MB
4.flv 70.21 MB
40.avi 44.91 MB
41.flv 76.60 MB
42.avi 241.65 MB
43.avi 304.45 MB
44.avi 1.17 GB
45.flv 190.49 MB
46.flv 6.57 MB
47.flv 547.29 kB
48.avi 96.42 MB
5.flv 9.99 MB
6.flv 9.00 MB
7.flv 13.48 MB
8.flv 40.16 MB
9.flv 79.31 MB
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