Noel Alejandro New Collection 11 2021

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I loved his style of doing Art Porn so much that I bought his latest movie release today!

BELLO (2021, 19")
Dazed from a recent break-up, model Raul arrives late to a photoshoot, but photographer Mauri decides to let it off the hook. As time passes by Raul struggles to focus in front of the camera, rather seeking consolation in the photographer. Grief turns to rage turns to lust as emotions rise and develop between the ornate green walls of the room. When one door is forced shut, another one is pushed open.
Cast: Francisco Gabriel & Vinicius Coelho

Bedtime Stories Asphyxia (2021, 21")
Chris (Rion) meets Benjamin (Bright) online, and the two discuss the latter's interest in erotic asphyxiation. Intrigued, Chris invites the attractive stranger to his house to explore the practice, resulting in a ferocious encounter that will leave both men gasping for more.
Cast: Isaak Rion & Rufus Bright

Bedtime Stories Obituary (2020, 19")
Leo is a young actor who is about to make it—standing in front of an esoteric palm-reading auteur he is given one last shot to land the lead role in his new film. Taken by the hand of the seasoned professional, Leo experiences the depths of his ambitions and unfulfilled potential and the wonderous hights of artistic euphoria.
Cast: Bishop Black & Gany Meat

Bedtime Stories After Cherries (2020, 14")
Leo is a young actor who is about to make it standing in front of an esoteric palm-reading auteur he is given one last shot to land the lead role in his new film. Taken by the hand of the seasoned professional, Leo experiences the depths of his ambitions and unfulfilled potential and the wonderous hights of artistic euphoria.
Cast: Bishop Black & Gany Meat

Bedtime Stories Dear Father (2020, 23")
Paul doesn't know if he'll attend the book fair tonight, even though they are waiting to celebrate his book. From his hotel room he spells notes to the recorder and sets the stage for another type of party. A fantasy of many, the story of no one... when it comes to imaginary tales, who are we to judge?
Cast: Pierre Emö & Frank Bertram

Bedtime Stories Blissing deal (2020, 17")
A fictional story is never as good as a real one: the waking up, the commute, a corny choice to name a boat on which to travel. The little things that make us who we are. After chatting for 18 months, Isaak and Sabbah dive into a compelling conversation about life, dreams and fears, on a non-fictional short film that shows how intimacy can happen for two strangers - who are not really strangers, after all.
Cast: Isaak Rion & Sabah

Bedtime Stories Minha Luta (2020, 19")
Daniel wants people to wake up. Clement wants to sleep alone under the stars. The world is a battlefield where logic and fear fight viciously for control. Weary of it, two men build their own hallucinogenic cosmos where they can play and exist - where only their bodies make the rules, and the mind is set free by pleasure.
Cast: Shay Noir & Sultan of Filth

UNDER THE RAIN (2019, 32")
Four men occupy an old building to execute an artistic project. Mike, the photographer, leads the group while the three models perform in a session that seems to dilate out of the script and into their lives. As the scene evolves, the wounded artist Viktor will take an impassioned trip through his feelings of doubt, fear and ambition, before climaxing into an erotic burst with the group.
A story of will and perceptions that could easily allude to our owns - and to our individual impressions of erotica.
Cast: Valentin Braun, Anteo Chara, Markus Reid & Enki Babylon"

SERO Discordantes (2019, 26")
A virus is always an unwanted guest. Yet, if it arrives, you better make room for it. Consumed by the guilt, Miguel (Alejandría Cinque) was doing his best to keep Evaristo (Cachorro Lozano) safe and apart of the tension, but he knew he couldn't hide it any longer when dark thoughts started taking on his dreams. Seeking the mystic help of a pendulum, both lovers enter a dangerous game of questions that will reveal the most undesirable intimacy. In the time of a day, they'll go together through the fear of the illness, the subtle loss of the innocence, and the unparalleled complicity that arises from deep truth.
Based on the story of Alejandría Cinque and Cachorro Lozano.
Cast: Alejandría Cinque & Cachorro Lozano"

the Seed (2018, 19")
Longing to escape from the madness of urban life, Gaspar takes the trail for a quick dip in the lake. Heading to the city park, he is just another guy entering the "woody oasis where sex is a matter of nature" - as locals would call it. His search ends when he sees Sebastian emerging from the water. With a vagabond attitude and a provocative Danish accent, he is the one to show Gaspar how a simple thought can grow like a seed and become a desire. Starring Yann André and Vic Valentine. THE SEED was filmed and edited in Berlin. Directed by Noel Alejandro.
Cast: Yann André & Vic Valentine"

SWEAT (2018, 24")
When Mullen opened the door to let in Christen, he believed he was simply helping out a friend of a friend who needed a short break. As the so-called "emergency" visit turns into a forced darkening small talk on which Christen just wouldn't leave, Mullen vividly feels his misgiving thoughts becoming complete rejection just before transforming into the sensual redemption of his most feared fetish.
Cast: Jesse Charif & Parker Marx

The End (2018, 22")
Javier is an obsessed artist who is grieving the end of a relationship. His sorrow comes as a combination of memories, instinct and denial, and the mourning's harsh feelings will compromise his sense of reality. Surrounded by doubt, and subjected to several addictions, Javier fights to find peace - until his lattermost move take him to a surrealistic emotional purgatory. The absurdity in which Javier finds himself might be a way out of the pain, and his redemption to love and all endings. But first he needs to confront his demons and to take one last chance into the pleasures of the flesh.
Cast: Pierre Emö, Bishop Black & Manuel Voss

Trivial (2017, 30")
Flat hunting can become quite an experience when the house of your dreams is inhabited by two terribly seducing human beings. Trivial is a about a music student (Valentin) who goes visit a flat to rent one of its rooms, and is welcomed by Renault (Yann André) and Pierre (Gaspard), who are roomate with benefits. Things start to spice up when the house's cat bites his hand, and while one of the hosts goes get a tissue from the kitchen the room is taken by a powerful sexual tension - from which no one will escape untouched. Trivial is Noel Alejandro's eigth production, and his first threesome film. Shot in a beautiful natural light (which has become Noel's trademark), Trivia is a smooth, uncomplicated film that will fill your eyes with the most erotic and inspiring sensations.
Cast: Valentin Braun, Yann André & Gaspard

call me a ghost (2017, 22")
Call Me a Ghost is a trip into the darkest corner of our minds. It all starts with our protagonist, who's going through an intense depression. One day, at home, he hears unexpected noises. In the darkness, under a cold white light, a smoking hot supernatural being rests. Is fear a stronger feeling than sadness? Is there a place for desire in the unknown? Could them, together, find pleasure?
Cast: Valentin Braun & Pierre Emö

Doing Elliot (2016, 21")
Thomas (Cyrill) rings Elliot's (Tristan) door in an attempt to give back his ID card, lost during a morning run at the park. They both met during college, but it's been so long... Will Elliot remember Thomas? Despite living very different lives, they find themselves sharing the same crave for the perfect outbreak. Noel Alejandro's six film is no ordinary porn. It's a cinematic depiction of all the trust, excitement, pain and passion that is in the encounter between two men that'll take the chance. Give yourself to the steamy bodies and the mind-blowing blowjobs, and share the thrills of the sweet sins hovering in the air. Starring real-life couple Cyrill and Tristan (you can tell by their dazzling chemistry!), the two performers whose talent loaded Doing Elliot's with the most honest emotions.
Cast: Tristan & Cyrill

The CABLE GUY (2016, 16")
Classics are classics for a reason! Take the good old story of the cable guy fixing something in your house, looking hot as hell, and mix it with some realistic touching, biting and heavy breathing. A modern fairy tale for those wishing nothing more than a regular everyday mantainment visit. No commitments, no strings attached, just the complete fulfillment of the carnal senses. The Cable Guy is the latest film by Noel Alejandro. Produced and shot in Barcelona, the film has 16 minutes of incredibly hot sex, flowering from the most deep desires. The silence, tension and the stunning close ups are printmarks of the director's effervescent work.
Cast: Chris Michaels & Matthew Anders

Thank You... (2016, 21")
"Are you always this quiet?" he asks, looking at him through the mirror. There's something mad about his smile and his picturesque moustache. What is he hiding? Those pictures of him, aren't they a little macabre? Mmmm... maybe best not to think. He's here now, and he's who I want. "Thank you..." is primarily a sex film, but not only that. Following the path of questioning personal feelings in sex (watched Eloi & Biel yet?), Noel Alejandro creates an erotic piece full of mystery and enigmas. And, it was all improvised! No scripts limiting these two craving for each other. The cherry on top is the soundtrack by Logical Disorder (Javier Barrero), known for its senses of paranoia, totalitarianism and resistance to hopelessness. Starring Vince and Damian Mauro (special performance for Noel Alejandro).
Cast: Valentin Braun & Damian Mauro

ROOMIES (2015, 9")
There wasn't a single place in Barcelona hotter than that room. Despite of all the protesting voices breaking into the apartment, coming from street protests about which no one knew, Josh and Johan could smell the danger from way closer. Roommates, you know, can be real assholes - especially if you cross the line. The latest film by Noel Alejandro is an ode to sex between men who share a home, in all its complicated glory: unexpected, unsettled, and extremely hot. These nine minutes will bring you to beautifully shaped bodies under a warming natural light, smart close ups, and sweat drops that'll leave you with a very yummy after taste.
Cast: Josh Milk & Johan J

BAD MEDICINE (2015, 16")
When flesh needs a safe shelter, it'll find it in the wild. Arms as branches, legs as trunks - and the silence isn't silence but the loudest expression of earthly desire. Dazed by the mystery (and more), two men surrender to their strong appetite for a carnal, intense, and evanescent fuck. Shot in 2015, Bad Medicine portrays exactly what it promises: a quick-and-dirty option for a very needed cure. The camera moves around and brings you closer to these two smoking hot men, who entered the woods with a very provocative purpose - and who will make you leave completely satisfied.
Cast: Ian Grey & Aitor Bravo

Eloi & Biel (2013, 25")
They woke up that morning eager to explore. Out of town, in a country house far from the world, they'll feel each other as never before. Drinking wine with no glasses, from kiss to touch, to arouse, to desire - and even so still easy, still calm, still conscious of every centimetre of each others bodies. The secret places of pleasure. The secret pleasures of love.
In his very first short film, Noel Alejandro brakes all stereotypes and presents an explicit sex movie that's actually about love. Through beautifully simple, natural scenes, Eloi & Biel shows the irresistible intimacy of love meeting pleasure. A passionate encounter with emotion, lust, and authentic climaxes
Cast: Eloi & Biel
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