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Original upload: 2015-12-01 |
Stand back! Keep clear! We have a live one here! HIS Vide wants you to stand at attention for these soldiers of fornication. Fresh out of boot camp, these boys are horny and ready to blow off a little steam. Jammed packed with hot, hole penetrating action, throbbing blow jobs and tight and toned bodies smacking together!

Director: Alex DeLarge
Alex Leite
Allan Willian
Andre Sampaio
Arcanjo (Amaro)
Bruno Stygmata
Bryan Vermontty
Carlos Eduardo
Gabriel Lear
Henrique Silva
Victor Cowboy 2

1. Henrique Silva OrAt, Alex Leite OgAb
On a flat brown bench by some trees, Henrique Silva (older, fleshy, tanned) tops Alex Leite (pale, floppy black hair parted in the middle).

2. Andre Sampaio OgAbt, Arcanjo (Amaro) OrAbt
In a gray tiled men’s room, Andre Sampaio (goatee, three dots on left groin) sucks Arcanjo (red tattoo on right chest, large black tattoo on left shoulder); Arcanjo tops Andre; Andre tops Arcanjo.

3. Bruno Stygmata OgrAbt, Allan Willian OgrAbt
Bruno Stygmata (circular tattoo on right groin) and Allan William (so spelled on cover; dolphin tattoo on left groin) flipflop.

4. Gabriel Lear OgrAbtRr, Bryan Vermontty OgrAbtRg
In the kitchen, Bryan Vermontty (paler, brunet, messy hair, long sideburns, goatee, no tattoos, average build) sucks and rims Gabriel Lear (tanned, butterfly and stars tattoo on right side); Gabriel sucks Bryan; Bryan tops Gabriel leaning against a brick counter; Gabriel tops Bryan on the white tile floor.

5. Victor Cowboy 2 OrAt, Carlos Eduardo OgAbRr, Victor Cowboy 2 OrAtRg
After discarding their military uniforms, outdoors on the grass, Victor Cowboy (pale, older, slightly fleshy, long sideburns, no tattoos) rims Carlos Eduardo (young, white, brunet, average build, wearing high black boots); Carlos sucks Victor; Victor tops Eduardo in several positions.
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