♺ Awol Marines 0426 to 0450

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-10-04 |
Studio : Awol Marines
Title: Video numbers 0401 to 0425 (25 videos)
Cast: Anonymous Marines
Original date of Release 6 october 2010 to October 29th,  2010
Run Time : See per file below

Description of these videos: Young marine recruits for JO, Blow-Jobs, Fucking and porn watching.

Description of production studio : As described on the www.Awolmarines.com site :
Bobby Garcia lures these Straight Marines from Camp Pendleton down to his basement and gets them to take off their clothes and film gay military porn! Military Circle-Jerks, Shower Scenes, Solos, and Man on Man Sex!

File specifications:          MB              Run Time
Awol-0426-1-full.flv 42.58 MB  14:19 Marines Fucks Bobby
Awol-0427-1-full.flv 143.98 MB 48:22 Solo really cute Marine
Awol-0428-1-full.flv 40.27 MB  13:33 Solo Shy marine
Awol-0429-1-full.flv 37.36 MB  12:33 Solo Marine B-cap
Awol-0430-1-full.flv 15.86 MB  05:20 Marine Service by Bobby
Awol-0431-1-full.flv 34.24 MB  11:33 Marine Service by Bobby
Awol-0432-1-full.flv 56.25 MB  18:57 Solo Marine
Awol-0433-1-full.flv 34.54 MB  11:36 Marine Service by Bobby
Awol-0434-1-full.flv 42.18 MB  14:11 Hot Marine Service by Bobby
Awol-0435-1-full.flv 124.25 MB 41:45 Marine Service by Bobby
Awol-0436-1-full.flv 53.98 MB  18:07 Marine Service by Bobby
Awol-0437-1-full.flv 20.22 MB  06:50 Solo Marine
Awol-0438-1-full.flv 44.46 MB  14:57 Solo Marine
Awol-0439-1-full.flv 61.66 MB  20:44 Solo Marine
Awol-0440-1-full.flv 159.29 MB 53:32 Marine Sucking another Marine
Awol-0441-1-full.flv 97.07 MB  32:36 Marine Sucking Another Marine
Awol-0442-1-full.flv 90.72 MB  30:30 Hot Cowboy Marine Fucks Bobby
Awol-0443-1-full.flv 100.06 MB 33:40 Solo Marine
Awol-0444-1-full.flv 53.09 MB  17:51 Young Solo Marine
Awol-0445-1-full.flv 122.56 MB 41:12 Beautiful Marine with nice dick
Awol-0446-1-full.flv 41.92 MB  14:05 Soo Marine
Awol-0447-1-full.flv 57.83 MB  19:26 Marine Service by Bobby
Awol-0448-1-full.flv 72.48 MB  24:22 Solo Marine
Awol-0449-1-full.flv 84.73 MB  28:28 Smoking hot Marine Service by Bobby
Awol-0450-1-full.flv 67.86 MB  22:49 Hot Cowboy Marine Service by Bobby

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Num files25 files