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Descriptiondirector Paul Wilde
Jasun Mark
Adam Champ
Adam Herst
Donnie Dean
Eddy CeeTee
Eric Nero
Hugh Hunter

You’re in a hard place if you don’t—and a harder one if you do. Whatever move you make, trouble awaits. Get caught up in a Catch 22 you can’t resist as TitanMen exclusives Eddy CeeTee and Eric Nero pose a sexy split decision. As the mirror captures every sweaty thrust, hung Eric Nero and Adam Herst swap sucks and fucks in a steamy bedroom encounter with a ball-banging finish. With their furry muscle bods grinding against each other, Adam Champ and Donnie Dean blow each other’s thick dicks before Donnie offers up his tight jock ass. Surfacing from the pool with his furry pecs soaking wet, Eddy CeeTee flashes a smile for tall and tattooed Hugh Hunter—who helps them both get wetter in an aggressive, grunt-filled fuck.

1. 43m 15s 5/6/2015

Adam Herst At, Eric Nero Ab
Tall and toned Eric Nero locks lips with jock Adam Herst—the two grabbing each other’s growing bulge. Adam’s throbber escapes, his bright red cock soon inside Eric’s mouth. Adam holds on to Eric’s shaved head as he sucks, his cock swinging to the side when released from Eric’s mouth. Adam looks at the action in the mirror, smiling and licking his lip as he watches. Adam guides Eric up for a kiss, soon licking down his tight bod. “Whoa!” exclaims Adam as he releases Eric’s beast, his mustache hairs soon tickling the shaft. The two take turns eating each other out. Adam fucks Eric, the top’s muscular back and ass caught in the mirror. Eric strokes his monster as he gets pounded, whipping his dick on Adam’s abs. Adam then gets on his back to get rammed deep, his eyes rolling up in his head. The bottom’s big cock bobs as Eric’s sac slams his ass, Adam then sitting down on him. The top reams him from below—his big balls frantically bouncing up and down, Adam’s ass rippling. The two squirt, Eric’s hot wad sticking to Adam’s shaft.

2. 41m 57s 5/13/2015

Adam Champ At, Donnie Dean Ab
The stubbly chins of Adam Champ and Donnie Dean scrape against each other as they kiss, Donnie gripping Adam’s huge, hairy pecs. Adam licks Donnie’s scruffy bod, wrapping his hot lips around Donnie’s meat as he starts a sultry suck that works Donnie up rock hard. Donnie smiles as he looks down, shaking his cock in Adam’s face. “Take it!” he moans as Adam deep throats him. He holds the back of Adam’s head as he fucks his face, then gets on his knees to swallow Adam’s uncut meat. Donnie plants his lips to the thick base, his nose buried in pubes before he slides his lips up and tugs on the stud’s foreskin. Adam’s massive pec twitches as he gets sucked, the muscle man soon eating his bud out. He fucks Donnie from behind, his huge quads slamming the bottom’s ass. Donnie slides up and down in it, then gets on his back. The bottom shoots a stream that hits his nip and slides down his ribs, Adam releasing on the bottom’s cock.

3. zero secondsm 5/20/2015

Eddy CeeTee At, Hugh Hunter Ab
Eddy CeeTee surfaces from the pool, water sliding down his furry chest. A smile breaks though his beard as he approaches tall and tattooed Hugh Hunter. They embrace, Hugh licking down Eddy’s beefy bod. He pulls down Eddy’s swim trunks to slowly reveal his thick shaft. He smiles up at Eddy before releasing his cock, then sucks him deep. They kiss, grinding on each other before Eddy gets on his knees—teasing the top and side of Hugh’s shaft before engulfing it. Eddy gasps for breath, reaching up to feed a finger to Hugh—who holds on to Eddy’s hand in a hot shot. Eddy tongue fucks Hugh before sliding his cock in, fucking him faster as grunts fill the air. Eddy slams his cock all the way in and out (“Open that hole!”), varying the tempo as Hugh buries his face in the cushion. The verbal bottom sits on Eddy, then gets on his back (“Pound that fucking hole!”) before he’s coated in cum—Eddy flashing a sexy scowl, grabbing the bottom’s hair as they kiss.

"Catch 22" is kind of a mixed bag, but there is definitely some great fucking involved. In addition, sexy Eddy Ceetee, with his infections grin and thick meat, make it totally watchable.
In the opening scene, Eric Nero and Adam Herst uses a mirror to make their hot grappling even more entertaining. When Adam's dick emerges from his shorts, Eric goes down on it, and later, Adam gets his mouth on Eric's long, uncut piece. The rest of the scene is just as versatile: mutual rimming and fucking, with the flips coming often, and the best position right before Adam cums, Eric pistoning in his hole while his own balls bounce heavy. In the end, Eric strokes out his load while Adam fingers his ass.
Adam Champ and Donnie Dean are a match made in hairy gay heaven. The kisses and slow, sensual blowjobs that get the scene started are amazing, and then the fucking just amps up the heat. At first, Adam takes Donnie from behind, standing up, but later, when he fucks him on his back, the views of Adam sliding into Donnie's hole are great. Donnie blows his load with Adam still in his ass, and then Adam pulls out and unloads on Donnie's furry belly and already-wet cock.
The finale is the most interesting scene of all, mostly thanks to the easy, smoldering sexuality of Eddy Ceetee. Bearded, hairy, and hung, Eddie makes a very exciting scene partner for studly Hugh Hunter. Hugh, tattooed and hung himself, happily bottoms for Eddy, who bends him over and slides into his hairy ass and then practically never lets up until the scene ends. Eddy is a top to be taken seriously, making Hugh sit on his meat and ride it and then later spreading Hugh's muscled thighs wide so he can fuck him missionary. Hugh's muscle ass is taking the hard driving thrusts of Eddy's hips until just before Eddy's load, which erupts right after he pulls out of Hugh's hole. Eddy helps Hugh reach his finish by fingering his ass while Hugh strokes it out.
DVD features: Digital Copy; chapters; widescreen; cum-shots chapter; trailers ("Hard at Work" and "Friends with Benefits"); and no regional coding.

*** Highly Recommended ***
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