Fabiano Pylro & Danilo Alemão

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Fabiano Pylro is new to Rawhole, but his big bareback cock knows its way into a thirsty ass. As soon as Danilo German takes a look, he has to lean in to taste the musky taste of that raw monster. Sucking like a cock hungry horndog, he swallows and dreams of taking it deep in his ass. He won't have to wait long. Fabiano buries his face in his friend's slit, licking and lubing in preparation. His thumb tries to spread the spit as he lays back for Danilo to grind his aching pole of flesh.

Happy to obey, Danilo squats with his ass just inches from Fabiano's hairy groin. He hops down on Fabiano's uncut tanned tool with a big wide grin. The bearded, tattooed top takes over and hits Danilo from behind, holding a shoulder for support. He looks down at his ploughing ass and accelerates with even more determination.

Danilo's hard cock swings forward as his hole is pounded the right way. As Fabiano stands up and punches Danilo from above, his balls twitch and position themselves to shoot. Sweat and musky precum drips down the crack of Danilo's ass. He starts pounding faster, eager for Fabiano to create a sticky load deep inside. He can no longer contain himself and squirts his cum into his abdomen. Fabiano just smiles and continues fucking.

2021-11-12 14:30:41
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