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DescriptionThings between Elder Garrett and his companion definitely changed after the two of them had sex. For one, Elder Xanders was less shy about being naked. Even after his probationary period ended, the two maintained the same open-door policy that they'd had before.

It was very hard for Garrett, however, to be that open. He never felt comfortable in his body and had been raised to think any sexual urges he had were bad and sinful.

Still, he felt compelled to check out other guys and compare himself to them. And every time he got aroused.

Practically everything about other boys turned him on. He was turned on by boys who were taller, more muscular, or simply had adult body hair.

Being naked and fucked in front of Bishop Angus was an experience he will never forget.

The idea of having sex with another guy clouded Garrett's mind at all times. He couldn't stop thinking of what it was like, how wrong it was, and how good it felt.

He wanted more, but was too shy to even mention it to Xanders.

In their conversations that followed, Elder Xanders did mention that he knew of other missionaries that were similarly interested in sex with men. It was unclear to Garret how this could be true and how Xanders would know.

Why would an elder admit to something like that?

The question stuck with him for days, up until he had been called in for what seemed to be a very important meeting with President Oaks. His companion seemed to know what was in store for him, but wouldn't give him details.

Elder Garrett arrived at the president's office and was told to take a seat. Immediately, Oaks proceeded to ask him a series of questions.

He was asked about the activities of his mission and to report on his companion's masturbation. He answered truthfully, trying hard not to think about the sex that followed his spying.

"Have you seen your companion naked?" President Oaks, asked.

"Yes, President," Garrett replied.

"And did he have an erection at the time?"

"He–he did, President."

"Did you enjoy seeing it?"

The question surprised Elder Garrett. He did enjoy it. Very much so. But it seemed like some sort of trap. He knew if he admitted it, he would be in trouble. But he also knew that lying was wrong and had its own consequences.

"I–I think I did. I'm not sure." It was the best he could answer, and wasn't false. He was so conflicted and scared, it was hard for him to truly understand how to feel.

President Oaks' face was still, not showing any sign of surprise. He gestured for Elder Garrett to stand up, and the young man did.

"I want you to get undressed," Oaks ordered. Garrett shot him a look of confusion, as if he didn't understand. It was a strange request, especially following the questions he'd been asked. What was this for?

"Get undressed," Oaks repeated, firmer this time, locking eyes with the bewildered boy.

Elder Garrett began to undo his tie, slowly and shakily. He was visibly nervous and unsure of himself. He realized he just admitted to enjoying seeing his companion naked and now he was stripping down in front of President Oaks.

One he was down to his garments, President Oaks told him to come closer, making him stand just inches from him. The older man then began to touch him all over.

It was an awkward and humiliating kind of inspection, as if the president were surveying his body for some secret he was hiding. Elder Garrett felt exposed and vulnerable and just wanted it to end. Then, to his shock, President Oaks pulled off his garment shirt and shorts, leaving him completely naked.

Heart racing and body shaking, Elder Garrett knew this wasn't right. He felt violated and preyed on being naked next to this clothed man in power. Everything in his head told him to run. Still, he felt a rush of heat flood his mouth and loins, similar to how he felt when Elder Xanders initiated with him before. And he couldn't help but note to himself how nice Oaks' hands felt on his skin.

"I want you on the desk on your hands and knees," President Oaks ordered. His tone carried with it a strong and forceful sound. It was the unmistakable resonance of dominance. Not loud, not angry, just powerful. Elder Garrett seemed to be hypnotized by it and did as he said.

Once on the desk, President Oaks manipulated his body all over, arching his back, placing his head, adjusting his hands and legs, getting him exactly into the position he wanted. Elder Garrett's nerves were tested as the man ran his palms all over his arms and legs, cupping his butt and genitals, even teasing his hole with his fingers.

Elder Garrett found himself shaking less and less and the salt and pepper leader continued on. It soon became calming once he realized he wasn't going anywhere; it even became exciting.

President Oaks then came to the front of him, standing tall and powerful, and lifted Garrett's head up by the chin. At that moment, Elder Garrett looked into the president's eyes and felt something new: unrelenting desire.

"Open your mouth," Oaks said softly, seeing the spark of lust in the young boy's eyes. Garrett did so, feeling his wet tongue against the air. President Oaks placed two fingers inside, slightly tickling the back of his throat. He told Garrett to suck him, and Garrett obeyed.

He couldn't believe what he was doing. Even more, he couldn't believe how much he liked it.

President Oaks removed his fingers and pointed to the ground. Elder Garrett followed the direction and got down, settling on his knees.

"Take my belt off," Oaks said. Garrett did so, finding himself eager to undress the handsome man in front of him.

Oaks began to unbutton his shirt as he watched the young boy follow his lead. Garrett continued to remove his clothes, only stopping once the sexy man was down to just his garments.

"Take them down."

The excited boy pulled at the white fabric, revealing the firm erection the president had been concealing. It was larger than he expected, standing out straight from neatly trimmed pubic hair.

Garrett looked up, forgetting his own nakedness and focused completely on the hard cock in front of him. His mouth continued to water and he looked up eagerly at the silver haired man.

"I want you to nice and slow. Take as much of it into your mouth as you can."

Elder Garrett licked his lips and pressed them around the head of the man's phallus. It was warm and soft on the surface but hard to its core. The further it pushed to the back of his mouth, the more he felt his hunger build. He licked him up and down, tasting his savory flesh.

With each moan from the president, he could feel the older man push himself deeper to the back of his throat.

Elder Garrett wondered what it would be like to feel him inside his ass, fucking him the way that Elder Xanders had. With that thought, felt his cock begin to swell...

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