D O ( Dionisio ) Anthology 8 best scenes 720p

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DescriptionD.O. ( Dionisio ) Anthology 8 best scenes 720p
Cast: D.O. ( Dionisio ) Alexander Garrett, Angelo Marconi, Aybars, Brock Keller, Chris Porter, Francesco D’Macho, Logan McCree
The most popular Latin gay porn star in the business, D.O. delivers the best fuck in porn today and The D.O. Anthology is chock full of his huge cock . This fashion and runway model from Argentina is without a doubt one of the greatest erotic performers of all time. This special compilation gathers together the finest scenes of his outstanding career. Featuring scenes from Giants Part One, Giants Part Two, Night Maneuvers, Cockwork, Don't Ask, Just Fuck, Stud Fuckers and Animus.
1. D.O., Angelo Marconi
We don't want to say that we saved the best for last... Before you watch this scene you need to sit down and take a breath. Get ready for one of those moments in your porn watching career that will stay with you forever. This is the first scene D.O. has shot for Raging Stallion. D.O. had been a major star over at sister studio Black Scorpion before joining team Raging Stallion. This is a new D.O., more mature - with a nice thick beard and a dusting of hair all over his ripped body. He is perhaps the greatest porn actor on earth and this scene is a perfect display of why this man is a sex god. He rivals Francois Sagat, Damien Crosse, Logan McCree, and many others as a contender for the greatest Raging Stallion stud of all time. We knew this was going to be an important scene - and that guys would watch this for years to come, so we selected our best bottom - Angelo Marconi - to costar with D.O. for his initial RSS scene. Rather than explain the details of this scene, suffice it to say that this is some of the best fucking we have ever filmed. This scene alone is the porn event of the year. It's Monster Bang at it's best!
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2. D.O., Chris Porter
But Wait!! There's more. This is a five scene movie and the grand finale features two of Raging Stallion's top actors—Man of the year D. O. and tattooed young stud Chris Porter. This scene is about as good as it gets. There is great fucking—no one fucks better than D.O.—and lots of great camera angles. We shoot our porn with the viewer in mind—we get the best angles and the best shots so you feel like you are right there in the same room, watching the action and smelling the cum. This scene is the highlight of an excellent movie. Its Raging Stallion at its best, featuring the hottest sex performers on earth.
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3. Aybars OgrAt, D.O. OrgAt, David V. OgAb
Aybars and D.O. find themselves kissing, groping, taking turns tweaking and nibbling each other's tits. Hungry for more man action, Aybars swallows D.O.'s cock down, letting it slide in and out of his mouth. Then D.O. gets his chance to lap up his doppelganger's dick, enjoying its salty sweetness. David V has been in the back, watching with envy as the two wild men are at each other. Anxious to invade their tryst, he jumps right in and gets busy fellating both Aybars and D.O., gulping up one dick after the other. The men then position themselves with David V in the middle sucking off Aybars' cock while D.O. is behind him fucking his hole. D.O. and Aybars soon trade places, both of them still plugging David, but from different ends. David soon mounts D.O. and rides his cock, bouncing up and down the stiff staff. All three men are working up a sweat with all this energized frenzy. Aybars fucks David up the ass again and finally cums all across him. And D.O. jacks himself off, quickly adding his load to the mix.
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4. D.O., Logan McCree
D.O. holds on tight to Logan McCree and kisses and licks his tattooed lover's lips and face. He then grabs hold of Logan's cock and sucks it down his throat, nursing on it gently and slowly at first, then working it faster and more vigorously. D.O.'s muscular body ripples in ecstasy. Logan pants with pleasure with the tongue massage and before long he's down on his knees gobbling up D.O.'s perfect dick. Logan's head bobs back and forth as he swallows the swollen shaft, encouraging D.O. to fuck his face and fill this throat with stiff cock. The men get into 69ing position and suck each other off before Logan pulls up and straddles D.O.'s face to feed him more cock plus balls and ass. Logan next mounts his man and slides his eager hole down onto D.O.'s thick cock. He slams his ass down the meat pole, absorbing every precious inch. D.O. stops to rim Logan's ass—making it hang open, a gaping, quivering sex hole that needs to be fucked. He resumes plugging it fast and hard until he finally pulls out and sprays white hot cum across Logan's tattooed body. The men end their session entwined in a relaxed, satisfied embrace.
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5. D.O., Remy Delaine, Brock Keller
A bearded, ripped D.O. in leather wrist and arm bands and Remy Delaine clad in a leather vest are in the back room of the leather club, making out and getting heated up. Unknowingly they have an audience, namely hairy Brock Keller who watches as Remy goes down on what might be the hottest dick in the world. He swallows it well and D.O. acknowledges his capabilities by grabbing onto his head and ramming it down Remy's throat. Behind his aviator glasses, Brock's eyes are fixed on the action which stirs his loins to the point he can't keep his leather gloved hands from stroking what's underneath his jeans. D.O. notices the onlooker from the corner of his eye and really gives him a show driving his cock deep into Remy's mouth. Brock can't get enough as he tweaks his nipple and pulls out his long, thick meat. D.O is on his knees quickly, getting his fill of foreskin and thick meat that Remy has to share. Voyeur, Brock lets his leather suspenders down and leans back stroking, using both gloved hands to stroke his generous helpings of man meat – this is one huge uncut cock to behold. But even more worthy of watching is Remy bending over and pushing his ass back on D.O.'s super cock. With so much cock in his ass, Remy's facial expressions show how much pleasure the prodding is giving him. D.O.'s hard body is now wrapped around Remy as D.O. mounts his hot bottom fucking him like an animal holding his mate and delivering thrusts. Brock strokes his cock and milks it for precum which he tastes, as the fury of D.O. grows. He's hitting Remy's spot and it turns Remy on so much that he strokes his cock harder and faster until he lets out a shower of cum spraying from his veil of foreskin. Brock can't hold back any longer and stokes his long member producing streams and globs of man milk as D.O. looks down at Remy and asks him if he wants it, with a grunting "Yeah!" from Remy, D.O. shoots a load on Remy's chest.
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6. D.O. OgrAtRg, Francesco D’Macho OrgAbRr
D.O. soaks in his bath looking over at Francesco D'Macho shaving. Once he's finished, Francesco walks over to his lover. They start to make-out, both of them savoring the feel, the smell, the taste of each other's flesh. Francesco then aims his uncut cock at his man's face and D.O. sniffs the foreskin, nibbles on it teasingly, then swallows the big pole all the way down to its base. Francesco grunts with pleasure, enjoying his partner's work. Then D.O. emerges from the tub, his cock looming hard and majestic; all Francesco can do is kneel and open wide. He sucks it down his throat, lathering it with his spit to help it slide in and out easily. D.O. then targets Francesco's butt, spreading the plump ass cheeks apart and digging in deep with his tongue. Francesco is putty in D.O.'s hands and happily surrenders his ass for a more invasive assault. D.O. fucks his ass and the big man grimaces with pained pleasure; his panting grows louder and more labored as the action intensifies. D.O. fucks, then rims, then fucks Francesco's manhole some more until, one after the other, the two men jack themselves off and cum.
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7. Felix Barca, D.O.
The first scene pairs our Man of the Year, D.O. with new comer Felix Barca. Felix has the body of a gymnast with a light dusting of wonderful chest hair. D.O., being the world's top porn star, towers above him with his eight pack ripping up and down like a washboard. D.O. also has one of the biggest dicks in porn, which Felix devours to the base, his throat stretching and veins' popping as he eagerly takes on this giant Argentine cock. D.O. pays Felix back by giving one of the best rim jobs of the year - D.O. loves butt and it shows. He is an expert in getting Felix's hole to hang open - gaping in anticipation for what is next! D.O. fucks him standing up and on his back - Tony Dimarco's camera always where it should be: right up in there measuring each and every thrust. The fucking is so intense that Felix shoots a giant load while D.O. pounds away. D.O. then pulls out and covers Felix in cum - and we mean covers Felix in cum!
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8. D.O., Alexander Garrett
Looking dapper in their black bowlers and orange jocks, D.O. and Alexander Garrett waste no time and go wild on each other with reckless abandon. Identical in their sinewy bulk and muscularity, the men are perfectly matched. And their physical attributes – as beautiful as they are lethal – only rival the intensity of their carnal desires. Alexander gets down on his knees to worship D.O.'s thick dick, nursing on it with gusto. And soon D.O. is wanting more, beginning an aggressive assault on his partner's ass. First he rims Alexander's hole, wetting it with slurps and tongue jabs; then he fucks it hard. More fevered rim action follows with some added finger pokes, plus more cock stuffing, and even the insertion of a wooden juggling pin. It doesn't matter what's going in as Alexander grunts and groans his approval until both guys vigorously finish themselves off by hand and unload.
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