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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2007-11-14 |

From Aaron's press notes, courtesy of Aaron Lawrence Enterprises:
"Aaron's Adventures in Russia 4 is the fourth video Vidkid Timo and I filmed during our big Russian trip. There are four scenes on this tape with five different Russian boys (three Russians, a Ukrainian, and a Belarussian to be exact) fucking and sucking each other to their hearts' content.

And since we were filming in Moscow, it seemed only appropriate to include a few clips from our tour around Moscow. Therefore the end of the tape has several minutes of a boat tour around the city that myself, Timo, Maxim, and Nikita took. Fun!

If you remember the ending of AAR3, you may remember Nikita, the young Siberian boy from St. Petersburg. Our guide, Maxim (different Maxim than the one mentioned below), was quite taken with him. So much so that he brought him down to Moscow to spend a few days with us. Timo had filmed Nikita for his videos in St. Pete, so I was glad that I would have another chance to film him.

Conscious though that I was already in most of my scenes (and not wanting to encroach on Maxim's "turf"), I paired Nikita and a new Maxim up to do a scene together. It was a bit awkward at first, as both kept waiting for the other to "take charge" and run the scene. After a few moments though they managed quite well on their own. They started by kissing each other, proceeded to sucking each other, and then Nikita brought Maxim up on his knees and fucked him quite nicely. Both blew great loads at the end. I was particularly impressed with Maxim's "sloppy cumshot" and get turned on each time I see it cumming.

Artyom is a young Belarussian (one of the many former Soviet Republics) living in Southern Russia. When he heard from a friend that we were filming in Moscow, he hopped on a train and travelled about 600 miles (1000km) to meet with us. Luckily he was extremely attractive and had a great personality, so I hired him on the spot. And boy was I pleased with the result!

Of all the boys I filmed in Russia, Artyom had one of the best attitudes for doing porn. He not only wanted to make a bit of money and film a video, he wanted to have fun. He wasn't about to lie back and do nothing - he wanted to have sex! So much that this scene is the longest on the tape, and probably the longest "twosome" I have ever put on tape. There was just so much good footage I hated editing it out.

Our scene followed the traditional porn formula (kissing-sucking-rimming-then-fucking), but each step was done in several different positions with great results in each. The boy was just so photogenic that he just looked fabulous! We drove each other quite wild and very much enjoyed being together.

The fucking was one of the most fun parts, too. Artyom initially wanted to fuck me (which was A-okay with me!), but after while he wanted to try bottoming. So we flip-flopped and I nailed him for a while. Artyom finally blew his load all over my face. A real messy cumshot, too!

Valeri is the young Ukrainian roommate of Andrey and Alexi #3 from AAR3. He's cute, he's thin, and he's also twenty years old, a fact that surprised me because he looks so thin and so young. I'm not complaining though, as he and I had a great scene together.

The scene itself was radically different from Artyom's. Whereas Artyom liked to joke and had a basic mastery of English, Valeri was very quiet, nervous, and knew only a small handful of words. To break the ice with him we took a shower together before we filmed our scene. It gave him a chance to become comfortable the idea of having sex with me. And helped him relax and begin enjoying himself. (I didn't need to become comfortable with him - after 50 or so porn scenes I've become a pro at this. And when my partner is someone as cute as he is, I didn't need any work to become turned on! Still, it's my job to turn a rookie into a porn star. And isn't that what my videos are all about, anyway?)

Valeri's scene also different from Artyom's in that he remained very quiet and shy during the scene. He rarely looked into the camera, instead keeping his eyes closed as he was lost in his thoughts (and pleasure). He was definitely excited and enjoying himself though, in that he stayed very hard and clearly responded to me sexually. I thought this would make the perfect opportunity to film just an oral scene, since my Russian videos are already filled with fucking, and Valeri would probably enjoy being sucked off.

And so we flip-flopped sucking each other in all sorts of positions (and 69's) until it was time to lie him back and do my stuff. I sucked him for quite a while, but jacked him off in the end to make him cum. And cum he did! He shot a big load that poured down all over his cock and balls. It was absolutely luscious to behold...so much so that I just had to lick up a lot of his cum. It was amazingly sweet, and some of the best boycum I've ever tasted. What fun!

Perhaps what was even better than the cum was the way Valeri thanked me when we were done. If you watch the video, you'll see the look on his face when he said "Spaciba" to me. It was pure gold, and one of my fondest memories of Russia.

Misha is an absolute sweetie...and a very sexual young man. He has a boyfriend in Moscow, but clearly does not subscribe to a personal code of monogamy. He was very into me until we met up with a few other gay people later that evening. At one time I he had his arm around me, was using his hand to rub the shoulder of the guy on my other side, and was using his other hand to rub the thigh of the guy on his right. Busy boy, eh? Even I would have a hard time flirting with three guys at once.

This sexual ferocity served him very well in the scene we did together. He was very comfortable having sex in front of the camera. And although he wasn't quite sure how to proceed all of the time, he was more than happy to respond to anything I initiated. Believe me, folks. I initiated a lot of things with him.

In this scene you'll see lots of kissing, sucking, fucking... and well, you know the routine. He blew a wonderful cumshot at the end, but not before Vidkid Timo filmed some wonderful footage of his facial expressions as I fucked him. (I love the expressions guys make when they are fucked. Hot hot hot!) The scene ends as he puts on the uniform of the legal-police academy he attends. I do love a man in uniform, and the Russians do know how to dress."
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