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The Zuska Brothers Pack (aka CzechHunter177)

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DescriptionUpdate: 2015-04-29 Raw Threesome with Eldest Brother RadoZuska
Feels like I've been waiting ages for this long awaited release that has been teased since their last scene together! and Thank the Lord above this day has finally arrived people!!! It's the Threesome with all 3 Zuska Brothers!!! Can't believe this is happening......you have to see it to believe it....
It's been added to this pack on the list.....if you have all the rest....just check that box and download~~ I've also added in additional photos from the set...so if you're interested you can download that too......
ENJOY!!! >________<

This is A Compilation of the Most Recent William Higgins Models: Petr & Romi Zuska!
It is said that they are Brothers......they certainly look a lot alike.....however, I'm still a skeptic! xD
It's not impossible to find two guys that look like each other and give them the same porn last names....right?
Although, they are definitely doing a good job of convincing us that they are indeed real-life brothers....
and for me.....as long as they can continue fulfilling that fantasy....I am all good~~~~ >____<

The files are named after each brother's scenes.....the ones where they appear solo, and with other performers are all grouped together.
And the ones where they are paired up and appear with others are grouped together....as well as numbered according to the release date of the Official Site!! That way you can watch each video as they progress through their porn careers with each other....and when they eventually end up making love and having a threesome orgy with their eldest brother Rado!! So freaking Hot~

553 MB WilliamHiggins - PetrZuska 2014-11-10 Erotic Solo
505 MB WilliamHiggins - PetrZuska 2015-02-27 ST8H-AirportSecurity with BorekSokol & IvanMraz
462 MB WilliamHiggins - PetrZuska 2015-03-04 WankParty 2015 #2 Part1 (KailKopec LacoMeido MatejBorzik & TomVojak)
331 MB WilliamHiggins - PetrZuska 2015-03-19 WankParty 2015 #2 Part2 (KailKopec LacoMeido MatejBorzik & TomVojak)
422 MB WilliamHiggins - PetrZuska 2015-04-28 ST8H-HotAss with BorekSokol

181 MB WilliamHiggins - RadoZuska First Time with DavidBestak

209 MB WilliamHiggins - RomiZuska 2014-11-21 Session Stills
660 MB WilliamHiggins - RomiZuska 2014-11-27 Erotic Solo
450 MB WilliamHiggins - RomiZuska 2014-12-16 ScreenTest First Time with JasonLucius
313 MB WilliamHiggins - RomiZuska 2015-01-16 ST8H-Duty Bound with ViktorBurek

962 MB WilliamHiggins - TheZuskaBrothers 2014-12-07 Petr vs Romi WRESTLING
561 MB WilliamHiggins - TheZuskaBrothers 2014-12-25 XmasWankParty 2014 Part 1 (ArnyDonan HugoAntonin TomVojak TomasHozman)
374 MB WilliamHiggins - TheZuskaBrothers 2015-01-07 XmasWankParty 2014 Part 2 (ArnyDonan HugoAntonin TomVojak TomasHozman)
662 MB WilliamHiggins - TheZuskaBrothers 2015-01-24 CzechHunter177 with IvanMraz & DenisReed
705 MB WilliamHiggins - TheZuskaBrothers 2015-02-01 SOFT DUOS Brothers Love
507 MB WilliamHiggins - TheZuskaBrothers 2015-02-13 ST8H-RaunchySex with IvanMraz
752 MB WilliamHiggins - TheZuskaBrothers 2015-02-28 FullContact Brothers Shoot Raw
699 MB WilliamHiggins - TheZuskaBrothers 2015-04-29 FullContact Raw 3Way with Eldest Brother RadoZuska

(All Files are in .mp4 format)

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