[WrestleHard com] Newcomers Alex Kamp vs Frecha Gold [11-07-2009]

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Newcomers Alex Kamp vs Frecha Gold

Adonis newcomer-wrestler, Alex, is laying on his bunkbed. Agressive cutie kick-boxer, Frecha, arrives as a new prisoner and he starts to shout at Alex demanding the bed. Loud verbal and fistfight starts but finally they decide to armwrestle, and the winner will own the bed.

They start the armwrestling session. The flexed muscles on both fighters are simply amazing. The fight seems to be going both ways until Alex punches Frecha's ribcage to gain an advantage. Frecha becomes furious and throws a barrell at the cheating Alex several times.

Crazy and very intense speedo and naked wrestling follows with lots of great techniques because both guys are well experienced in martial arts. They exchange nelsons, sleepers, scissors, facespins, shoulder backbreakers, surfboards, gutpunches, gutkicks with knees, nipple and ball tortures, bearhugs, camel clutches and school boy pins

In the end, Alex finally wins and forces Frecha to give him a blowjob. He fucks his new prisonmate at various intense and sensual fucking positions. Alex cums in a face-sit position while Frecha licks his beautiful butthole.

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