Wojciech Kosma Boys (2011)

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In every The–family performance two people are guided, like lambs, by their
impulses and associations. In front of us, as they empty their
consciousness, they become hyper-present, childlike. In their children’s “jungle of
presence,”they now have adult skills and stories, and they reach for them from
vulnerable and surprising places. They surrender to the rhythm of their personality
and are exactly as dull or exciting as this rhythm. They find and let us see their
limits. But in doing so they are finding ours, too. Finding the limit of our
willingness to celebrate them and, through them, ourselves. They mould a unique
This relationship is suspended in time, given its own weight and resonance.
It is by bearing witness to it, while it emerges over time and with great effort,
that we experience the confusion, fear, delight and the intensity of an intimate
encounter. We derive what we can by piecing together the various components of this
While we witness them trying–and often failing–to unearth their “jungles,”
in repeated rehearsals and performances, we start to search for ours. The
spectacle is demanding and personal, but safe. Not exactly easy to put into words:
adventures usually aren’t.
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