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♺ C1R - Chi Chi LaRue's Steele Ranger

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-09-25 |
Cast:  Chris Steele, Haus Weston, Shane Bailey, Doug Jeffries, Sam Crockett, Eric Scott, Jeremy Tucker, Paul Carrigan, Shane Rockford, Patrick Allen, Kyle Kennedy

The film revolves around the exploits of hunky park ranger Chris Steele, who sports a furry, well-muscled bod and hefty groin-candy. When he’s not protecting the fragile desert ecosystem from harm, he finds the time to slam his battering ram into a many an accommodating receptacle.

To put it simply, Steele Ranger just grabs ahold of your cojones and doesn’t let go.

It is a classic reminiscent of "Sailor in the Wild," only more coherent and arousing. Steele is ranger and master of all he surveys in California's Los Padres ("Daddies" in this context) National Forest. Daddy types abound -- hairy bruisers with cocks perpetually hard. To appeal to every taste there are also cute, swimmer-build young things and Kennedy, a delicious virginal twink paired with Steele for an incredible closing scene.

We hear Steele's bark in the beginning, but soon discover that his bite is much more soothing. He yells at subordinates Weston and Crockett, warning them to be in top form for urban visitors Jeffries, Tucker and Bailey. On jeep patrol, Steele's first sighting of the visitors is Tucker peeing in the woods. Then he comes upon them playing loud music outside their SUV. He upbraids them about violating forest rules like using the rest rooms and keeping the noise down. The rules don't apply to Steele though: Once beyond their sight he whips it out and pees. He furtively returns to find them flipping through girlie magazines and jacking off. Bailey is a burly skin head, Tucker, mocha-skinned and GQ handsome, and Jeffries, buffed and wiry. All three ooze testosterone from every pore and sport major slabs of man meat. After observing and groping himself a while, Steele moves in and orders Bailey to suck his cock. For guys ogling straight porn, these three sure transition smoothly to cock hungry sex pigs. Steele and the city boys are soon buck naked, Steele on his knees swallowing their everhard cocks. As it gets dark they repair to an abandoned saloon, where Bailey sits on Steele's face for a spit lubed rim job. A choo-choo fuck follows, with Tucker in the middle but acting like the engine. Then Tucker sits on Steele's cock and rides like a bronco before they all let loose mind blowing cum shots, Steele on Jeffries's face, Jeffries on Bailey's shaved head, and Tucker, jacked up by Steele's pistoning fist, shooting his stream around the porch like a lasso.

Back at the ranger station, Crockett confesses his longing to fuck Weston. Crockett gives Weston's beefy butt a wild rim job and sucks him before fucking the daylights out of him. Unknown to them, Steele has stolen back and is watching, massaging his cock. What a sight to watch: Weston, tree trunk thighs spread, ass impaled as he rides Crockett's jackhammer. After Weston and Crockett cum simultaneously, there's a twist on the classic movie scene where the upset lover splashes her companion's face with wine. Steele cums in his hand then, pants around his ankles, waddles to the pair, throws his jizz in Crockett's face and tells them to get back to work.

Meanwhile, three college students, Allen, Rockford, and Kennedy, have been hiking through the forest. Kennedy has wandered off by himself and not returned. Allen and Rockford report that Kennedy is lost, and Steele goes searching. While awaiting word, Allen and Rockford get frisky atop a water tank platform. After they suck each other and duel with their dicks, Rockford performs a mouth watering rim job on moaning, panting Allen's perfect butt. Rockford plows Allen then spills his seed over the side of the platform, and Allen squeezes out a drooling load. Scott and Carrigan are chatting on their cabin porch with their wives, Hart and Tyler. Off by themselves, the husbands gripe about their sex lives and are soon sampling each other's talented tongues, rock hard cocks, and super macho passion. As their wives wonder where they are, the guys suck and rim each other on a service road, unrelentingly enjoying their muscular, hairy bodies, then fuck hard and flip flop, ending with spectacular streaming cum shots, Carrigan's while Scott is pounding his ass.

Steele finds Kennedy asleep and carries him to the ranger station for a final scene that ranks among gay porn's finest. No words can convey the sexual energy between these two. You just have to see it. Kennedy is perfectly cast as the virgin youngster eager to be deflowered by a hot daddy. Steele, equally perfect as the daddy to do it, mixes groin stirring sex with lighthearted teasing as he relishes the prospect of taking the grateful twink's cherry. They trade blow jobs, and Steele rims Kennedy while the kid squats over his face. Steele fucks the cutie pie's sweet butt hard, as Kennedy lies back, ankles up. He lifts the spirited boy and holds him under the legs, bouncing him against his torso as he continues fucking him. Steele unloads on Kennedy's face and then fingers the ecstatic twink until he spurts across the room.

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