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Original upload: 2014-11-10 |
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Directed by Mike Esser

A sexual betrayal. A passionate desire. A chance to make things right. Mike can't forgive himself for cheating on Damon, his one true love. Even after a year has passed his passion burns as strongly as ever. Damon, in the meantime, has been getting on with his new life with his new boyfriend, Hugh. But Hugh's devotion to Damon isn't what it seems. Hugh's insatiable appetite for sex leads him to search for sex wherever he can find it. With a total belief in monogamy, Damon is totally unaware of Hugh's infidelities. So when Mike contacts Damon for the first time since their break-up, Damon's world is thrown into confusion. "One More Time" is an eroticised look at the conflicts of fidelity, sexual desire and emotional faithfulness in a world of freestyle sensuality.

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