Cobra - Fuck Me Raw (avi)

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Brent Corrigan's
Fuck Me Raw
Scene Descriptions

Scene 1

Napping Boys

This scene could have been included on Cream BBoys since it contains 4 creamy loads. Shaun is napping with Cameron and Shaun wakes up to start kissing and nibbling on Cameron's ear. Cameron awakens and soon the boys kiss and start stroking each others neck and chest. Shaun pulls off Cameron's shirt, then shorts and grabs the hardness now protruding under the boy's boxer briefs. Shaun peals down his underwear and licks Cameron's hard, fat cock, stroking and sucking it until the boy grimaces with pleasure and creams into Shaun's mouth. Cameron returns the favors and sucks on Shaun who also groans with delight and as he cumms. Cameron licks off the creamy load from Shaun's fat cock. Cameron get's over Shaun and lowers himself down, grinding his hips as he rides Shaun. Cameron starts riding harder, then decides it is Shaun's turns. Shaun lays on his stomach and Cameron rimms him, then pushes his bare cock deep inside. Shaun groans, then as Cameron pumps harder, he bites the pillow and loves the feeling of Cameron inside him. Cameron puts Shaun on his back and continues to pump until he blows all over his butt hole. Then he sticks his thick head back in. Shaun puts Cameron up on the couch and pounds him harder and harder. Shaun pulls out and grinds a bit more then comes on Cameron's hole and both fall together exhausted.

Scene 2

A Romp During Half Time

Nate is content watching the game until Sammy comes in the room and jumps on Nate's lap.  Sammy persuades Nate that they are better things to do that watching a football game and after teasing Nate, pulls down his sweats and begins to blow him.  Nate of course enjoys this more than the half time show and then brings Sammy up and whips out his 9 inches, sucking and pumping it to attention.  Nate amazingly can deep throat the whole thing.  Sammy bends over and gets sucked and fingered by Nate as he sucks on Nate.  He then gets over Nate's cock and rides it as Nate strokes his cock.  Nate then bends Sammy over the chair to fuck him.  Previously, Lance and Kenny have been the loudest bottoms at Cobra, Sammy may break that contest for this scene.  Sammy moans in pain/pleasure as Nate pounds him harder and harder.  Nate finally pulls out to cream on his worn hole then gets down to lick up his own cream.  Sammy gets over Nate and has his balls sucked then dumps his load into Nate's mouth and onto his face to end this hot scene.

Scene 3

Friends With Privileges

Cody and his friend Jaiden are hanging after school watching TV.  Jaiden gets horny and starts touching Cody who definitely enjoys the attention.  This quickly leads to Jaiden getting on his knees to pull off Cody's shorts and he licks Cody's tight briefs which have become very hard underneath.  Jaiden brings out his hardness and he licks and sucks until it's Jaiden's turn.  Cody jacks himself as he blows Jaiden who then starts to pump his cock in Cody's mouth until he finally unloads a little cream for Cody to lick up.  Cody puts Jaiden over the couch and pushes his hard cock deep inside.  He slides in and out them puts Jaiden on his back, pumping harder and harder.  Jaiden can't last anymore and spills his load on his belly.  Cody pulls right out and finishes all over Jaiden's belly.

Scene 4

A Boyfriend's Massage

Diego is giving Blair a massage.  He starts at his neck then works his way down, and comes up to kiss Blair who is enjoying the treatment, groans and Diego pull down his underwear and slips his tongue inside his butt.  Diego rimms him, then gets up over the bed to let Blair suck his hard cock.  Diego pushes Blair on his back and sucks him, then rolls him to the side to finger him as the boys kiss.  Blair groans as Diego slides his cock inside him.  Diego pulls Blair up to the edge of the bed and pounds him and then jacks Blair until he cumms.  Diego continues to fuck him until he squirts his cream onto Blair's butt hole, then sticks in back inside.

Scene 5

Brent Corrigan Showers With Skylar

Brent Corrigan is taking a shower with Skylar.  Brent washes Skylar's chest then as the soapy suds stream down over their cocks, they rub up together then have fun playing "sword fight".  The boys dry off and head to the living room where Brent gets on his knees to suck and then deep throat Skylar's thick cock.  Skylar then lays Brent on a bench and sucks his cock, then lifts up his leg to rimm and stick his tongue inside Brent's boy pussy.  Brent gets over Skylar and lowers himself down onto Skylar's bare shaft, working slow, then riding harder and harder.  Skylar picks Brent up and bends him over the bench, and drives his hard cock deep inside, pounding him faster and harder.  Brent moans and begs for more, and Skylar becomes to excited and releases his load inside Brent.  It drips out of Brent's loosened hole but Brent isn't finished and demands to be fucked more.  Skylar slams in back inside and pumps hard again until Brent jacks his cream onto the bench.  Skylar pulls out and empties another load on Brent's hole, then stuffs it back inside, the liquid stream dripping down over Brent's sack.  A very hot scene to end the very first of our Brent Corrigan Series.

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