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Five serene and very pretty twink scenes from Germany probably reflect the sensitivity and love of young bodies of one Pat Stone, who seems to have done just about everything on this lovely movie except appear in it.

In a subtly-videographed white ruin in a forest, with Day-Glo graffiti on the walls, and dreamy, mystic music softly playing, a very young god leans against a column jacking while observing three others in a suck-session. Around a corner you can just see another jacker. The young god lets go of a load ten and a half minutes in and wanders away, and the other voyeur half a minute later, but the trio continue in their own dream-space they move to the column, where one gets fucked while a third cums on him. The fucker then pulls out and cums on him, too. The bottom cums sucking the top's cummy cock.

Two cuties in some sort of storage room wiggle out of their clothes. The slim, pale one gets blown by the muscular, tanned one against a stack of ladders. Then Pale fucks Tanned against some shelves and cums on Tanned's firm tits.

Back among the graffiti in a harder-lit, less poetic mood, two older, taller guys with great tans peel down casually to angelic nudity as they swap cocksucks. Blond fucks Brunet against a post on the edge of a deep and dangerous hole. He cums Brunet's chest, then takes Brunet's cum in his mouth.

In a tract-house hallway, a weak-chinned blond jacks while leaning against a mirror so that you can see his great ass, too. He cums on the nice tile floor.

Outside in the white ruins, in stark sunlight, a pouty, banged blond cutie masturbates on a scarlet sheet. Two more approach with their blue jeans falling off of them and join him. They're impossible to tell apart, but at least one of them gets butt-fucked and cummed on in the sunshine.

Vimpex Gay Media
Year Produced: 2007

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