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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2008-06-28 by unknown |

Breaking & Entering is probably the hardest British twink film ever released. Tooled up and ready for action, two scallies break into an office with the intention of stealing anything worth a few bob. The computer is an easy target, but the lads are caught red handed by two business owners who return unexpectedly. One burglar manages to flee, but the other is bundled back into the office. The owners decide against calling the police and dish out some punishment of their own. They order him to strip and, when he refuses, they physically rip the clothes from his body. He gags as they push their hard cocks into his mouth and, by the look on his face, the burglar would rather face the old bill than be the subject of this type of sexual abuse. His head is forced down by the hair to suck on cock and to lick an arsehole before the lads bend him over and subject his arse to a bareback pounding, and then take turns to fuck his tight virgin arse. After covering him in a film of warm seed, they leave him naked and tied to the bars on a window whilst one of the owners rings two mates to come and continue the maltreatment of the thieving bastard. They happily oblige and arrive quickly to dole out more suffering on the unhappy lad. They gag him with a black cloth and abuse his skinny body. Then they tag team him, roughly fucking his arse and mouth simultaneously, enjoying the power they have as they pillage his naked and prone body. Three pals of the burglar arrive at the office to rescue their mate and they drag the two guys off their mate and a scuffle ensues. Tables are turned as the two naked guys are manhandled into the office and their hands are tied. The burglars force them to perform fellatio on each other's cocks as they dish out retribution for their blonde pal. Laughing and goading the two guys, they discard their own clothes and force their own hard cocks into the mouths of the attackers before they make one guy fuck his pals' arse whilst he, in turn, is violated. The action is violent and extreme and the air blue with expletives as, once the three burglars have avenged their mate, they throw the two guys naked into the alley. Breaking & Entering truly is bareback twink action at its roughest! It is uncouth and reeks of retaliation, and shows that crime doesn't pay and sometimes, revenge isn't so sweet!

Cast: Jon Janes, Scott Davies, Lex Blond, Nathan Douglas, Damian Duke, Kyle Martin, Will Forbes, Timmy Slater

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