Gay wrestling #52-Can-am-Antonio Ruiz Versus Mark Hammer

Wrestling and Sports
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This is the whole match. Both Antonio Ruiz and Mark Hammer are muscle studs. Both of these guys have big personalities, are skilled, athletic, entertaining, and of course hot looking. This match contains three rounds or falls. There are a lot of cool wrestling holds to include my personal favorite the surfboard and a few times in the match the guys literally flip each other right over on the mat. There is also a little kneeing, elbowing, stomping, soccer ball kicking, and plenty of trash talking. At the end of the match Antonio uses a few karate chops on Mark. Both guys wear speedos and boxing/wrestling shoes. This is premium mat wrestling at its best. The pictures reflect what is contained in the video and are pulled right off of the video. Vintage. Enjoy.

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2015-10-10 10:59:56
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