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Welp, it seems this film is not in our illustrious Soviet-suffixed-URL vault, so I shall post it here now. I wouldn't mind some seedbonus love, because this thing was sort of a bitch to post. The thumbnails will NOT render with Media Player Classic, and Image Grabber II crashes every time you try to build a contact sheet in it. Fortunately, Image Grabber I worked. The reason for the difficulty, though, is probably the RealMedia format, which, I hope, doesn't make this thing a bitch for many of you to watch. It's perfectly playable with MediaPlayerClassic. (If you've got the right codecs, presumably.) But if I reencoded it for Windows Media, there would be quality loss.

The title is not to be confused with the similarly titled "Having Fun" from Defiant.

I wish I could post an even higher-quality copy, but this one will have to do. It's the only one I have!


From radvideo:

Straight Guys Having Fun
Defiant Productions » Year Produced 2003

Starring: Shane, Matthew Matters, Brett Peters, Rock Lee, Brock Labelli, Tapper Blaze, Kieran, Nate, Bradley Shaw, Ryan Shaw

Categories: Amateurs, Twinks - Young Meat, Big Loads, Big Cocks, Cum eating, Dildos - Toys, Facial Cum shots, Hairy Crotches, Live Sound, Oral Sex, Oral Only, Pierced Body Parts, Spitting, Straight Guys - Gay Sex, Threeways

Ratings Description
Condoms Used: yes
Director: Joe Serna
Length: 117 minutes
Studio: Defiant Productions

Straight Guys Having Fun is likely to earn a place in the hearts of Defiant fans as an instant classic thanks to no less than three scenes featuring blond skater stud Shane, who experiments with sucking cock and delivers the cum shot of the year on Matt Matters' face. His are arguably the best of the generous seven amateur scenes here. In scenes that bookend the video, Shane is twice paired with Matt Matters in the familiar side-by-side stroke-off on the couch while watching straight porn. Jerking gives way to sucking, mostly by Matters. Shane gamely jerks on the brunet's massive cock and gives it some tentative caresses with his pierced tongue, even going down on it a few times. The best moment of the movie comes as Shane straddles Matters and face fucks him before pulling out and squirting enormous spurts of cum across his hair, face and mouth. Matters follows up with an impressive climax, and there's cum tasting here and throughout the movie. In their second scene, Shane manages to blow his load right into his own mouth.

Shane returns for the lone threesome with sexy twinks Tapper Blaze, who is dark-haired and smooth, and Nate, the hairy brunet with a goatee. Tapper wastes no time inhaling first Shane's and then Nate's cock. At one point, Shane puts his legs up on the couch, and the camera zeroes in on his hairy hole. Later, holding the back of Tapper's head, he face feeds him cock. Tapper briefly slides a dildo into his hole. Tapper also appears in another scene with Kieran, who doesn't quite have the skater twink allure of the rest of the boys.

Another standout scene matches hairy, tattooed Rock Lee with blond Brett Peters. Lee promptly stands on the couch and thrusts his thick rod into Peters' eager mouth. Lee returns the favor on the couch and on the floor in a sixty-nine. Matters returns with heartthrob Brock Labelli, who melts the screen in his white tank top and choker necklace as he strokes himself through his pants and then makes the hottest tent ever seen in a pair of boxer briefs. To the delight of Matters, the toned, tanned boy toy is up for giving head - supposedly for the first time. Matters climbs atop the back of the couch to give Labelli easy access. Matters drops his load with Labelli's hand wrapped around his shaft and pumping, and Labelli finishes himself off. The remaining scene, with alleged half-brothers Bradley and Ryan Shaw, is spent mostly on Ryan making failed attempts to penetrate Bradley's ass. It's a shame this never took off, as Bradley seems turned on even by the near misses.

Even with the absence of fucking, there's loads of fun to be had here. Every dick, cum droplet and horny gaze is beautifully shot. These impossibly hot skater twinks and projectile cum shots will have you popping out of your pants.

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