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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-04-20 |
Tasty, lickable young guys just can't stay off each other, and if you were in their situation, would you keep your hands to yourself?

Uh-huh... didn't think so...

The superhot dude-next-door Brooks (on the cover) relates various sexual adventures via his computer to anyone who'll listen - most notably Doug Perry. Their subsequent fuck (which ends the flick) is a true highlight, and is sure to get your stick red and angry.

Everything from glory holes, bathroom trickings, outdoor rompings, deep-throatings, and Peter Wilder taking a full load in the face are here. Standard plot, terrific sex (fans of heavy duty rimming are in for a veritable Thanksgiving dinner here). Ross Cannon's nice videography raises the bar here, too. All in all, good dirty stuff.

promo material:

Spring turns into Summer and all across the land hot young studs hit the road in search of the big adventure. Buds pop up on bare branches to announce the coming of Spring. Likewise, these studs. pop up on roadways everywhere to announce their coming in Summer. Just in time to celebrate the coming season, STUDIO 2000 is releasing The Hitchhiker, a light and frisky tale of one very hot young hitchhiker, the man who picks him up and just what each goes through before they work it out-and then work it in and out.
Young Dane Hodges (played sexpertly by Kristian Brooks, a hot young , newcomer from San Diego) is not your typical, everyday hitchhiker. Hardly. When was the last time that any of us saw a hitchhiker working on a laptop computer. It's no wonder Greg (Doug Perry of Forced Entry fame) picks him up. He's too curious a sight to pass. Besides he's young, he's smooth, he's attractive and he makes Greg very horny. Greg quickly discovers, however, that his pickup has an agenda of his own and he seems to be more into teasing Greg than into pleasing him. It seems that Dane is an aspiring writer and what Maupin did for the city, Dane wants to do for the road. And, like The Canterbury Tales told hundred of years ago along the roadway, Dane's tales take a very definite bawdy turn. In fact, they are downright peter provoking.

Dane's first tale is about two college buddies whose dates left them unsatisfied while their drinking left them free enough to do something about it. Hardly an original idea but Dane is young yet. Anyway, who really cares when, in The Hitchhiker, the two guys are played by the ultimate Lovebug, Mike Lofton (who can only be seen on screen at STUDIO 2000) and Jay Anthony (another newcomer-also a fresh, copious and tasty comer, thank you). It's pretty obvious what these guys really want when they get up to their room and undress. As their repressed and throbbing cocks spring out of their briefs, we know that someone is about to have a very good time. And if you guess who we mean, you won't be wrong. Mike has a wonderful time. Jay has a wonderful time. And you may well have a number of wonderful times.

Greg's dick is hard at it, demanding some release, but Greg himself is becoming a bit intrigued with his 20th Century Scheherezade and encourages Dane to tell the tale of Dane's older brother and his new brother-in-law at the wedding reception. The tale is told from the Men's Room point of view. Again, maybe the idea ain't too original but at least it's a classy bathroom instead of some worn-out school or bus stop tearoom. And the cast is a class act also. Sweet, adorable and perpetually horny has to be Peter Wilder. Young, deliciously desirable, and everhard has to be Jeff White. What a performer Jeff is and what a hot little actor. He can turn the locking of a door into an act of indecent seduction. You can bet we're proud to have him as a STUDIO 2000 exclusive and hungry to capture his sex antics for you again and again because he's one of those rare finds-always 100% and always fresh. What he and Peter create for our camera will please you so much you may lose count of yourself-speaking of which, these two guys deliver climaxes that are worth the price of admission in themselves.

It's dusk and Greg drops his storyteller as he prepares to stop for the night. Then he realizes that he's become addicted to his little charmer. In the motel room, Greg begs Dane for one more story and Dane relates the story of the sailor and the punker in the back room of an adult bookstore. When sailor Ricky Price drags Mason Walker's big, thick, juicy, uncut and very hard dick out of his pants, we soon know that Rick is proud to be in the service--and that he's a serviceman of the first order. When Mason discovers that Ricky comes fully packed, he claims his right to serve also. Watching these two young studs certainly makes you all wet about attending service--with its marvelous give and take.

Back in the motel room, when Greg suggests that some quality playtime might be in order, Dane puts his computer aside, thanks Greg for the place to sleep and rolls over and drops off. Still seeking some action, Greg turns to the computer and seeks out the story of a couple of backpackers-newcomer Peter Andersson and our old friend Jon Davis--as they celebrate getting back to nature in the sunshine, the clean mountain air, and the tall grass of the great outdoors. Peter has a piece to reckon with. And Jon reckons he has the perfect place for it. It's the situation that each has been seeking and a good deal of solution soon fills the situation--something you'll understand should you decide to miss a stroke to think about it.
We can all guess what has to happen next. But just how Greg gets into Dane's book of common players, we will leave to the video to reveal. It suffices to say that the ending is quite worthy of our mentor, Mr. 0. Henry.

The Hitchhiker is a happy and celebrating song of the open road.. The story is light, slight and told in bright, brief stokes. Most of what you'll see is steaming sex everywhere with just enough interruption to have a chance to catch one's breath before the roller coaster grabs you up again. Take a ride with a winner. Take a ride with The Hitchhiker.

Starring: Kristian Brooks, Doug Perry, Mike Lofton, Ricky Price, Peter Andersson, Peter Wilder, Jay Anthony, Mason Walker, Jon Davis , Jeff White

Enjoy the ride!

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