[Coat West] Story 7th Episode

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DescriptionAll Abut Peeping and Creeping

of infidelity ... teachers of the new husband power harassment ... doctor harassment ... office fuck ...
of people who've peek of them secret fornication monologue ...
4 pEEP SHOW !! of story structure and all 5, Part sight of gently peep impact at the direction of homecoming was sister from state to look at the gap of unfamiliar shoes ... door brother ... lined up at the door to go out to the brother-in-law for ① birth ... affair partner !! and Kakeru Bukkake a lot semen in the face of the affair partner brother-in-law !! ejaculate raise the painful淫声while dug a hole in the male pride of Cock to Zubozubo commit brother-in-law brother-in-law !! revenge !! authority of ② male students to abuse and alive dug alive dug from the field of teachers ... power harassment to enjoy the male copulation from novice teacher ... Frot go drowning in grade chief ... fucked while also the pleasure commit a novice teacher anal sex, all of them recorded continue voyeur camera ... really is the revenge of the male students ... !? ③ in order to ascertain the medical bad rumor ... the rumor that spread to offices of local, truth was a nurse ... So the eyes peek the state of examination startle !! the mischief to the patient to use sleeping pills, doctor !! fornication that strive to masturbation while Blow the patient's penis is poured only to a blowjob and forced anal fuck !! and his own semen without ... forced stay it in the patient's mouth ... ④-① use a security camera, is peep the private parts of another person, gloat guards ... One day to spend the day-to-day, the Cock !! male copulation the camera is animal passion !! erection to eye ... raged the field of male mating captured guards !! strive to peep while masturbating in ④-② holiday of office ... the tranquility, Zubozubo the Ohana of Okoe !! junior Lehman that resonate with seniors and juniors Lehman couple !! nobody office to lust from behind junior Lehman !! senior Lehman to Iki dug while consuming by senior Lehman !! copier commit, without knowing the are look into the Kaoi !! its fornication in junior Lehman to the security camera over ...

①出産のために里帰りした姉の指示で義兄の様子を見に出かける弟… 玄関に並ぶ見慣れない靴… 扉の隙間からそっと覗き見た衝撃の光景… 自慢の巨根で雄穴をズボズボ犯す義兄!! 義兄に掘られながら切ない淫声を上げ射精する不倫相手!! そして大量ザーメンを不倫相手の顔にぶっかける義兄!!

②男子学生の復讐劇!! 職権を乱用し新米教師を犯す学年主任… 犯されながらもその快感に溺れていく新米教師… 兜合わせからアナルセックスまで雄交尾を堪能する教師たち… パワハラの現場から掘りイキ掘られイキまで、その全てを録画し続ける盗撮カメラ… 果たして男子学生の復讐とは…!?

③地方の診療所に広がる悪い噂… その噂を確かめるべく、診察の様子を覗き見る看護師… そこで目にした驚愕の真実!! 睡眠薬を使い患者に悪戯をし、患者のチンコをフェラしながらオナニーに励むドクター!! 淫行はそれだけにとどまらず… 強制フェラや強制アナルファック!! そして自らのザーメンを患者の口に流し込み…

④-①防犯カメラを使い、他人の恥部を覗き見ては、ほくそ笑む日々を過ごす警備員… そんなある日、カメラが捉えた雄交尾の現場を目にし… 湧き上がる劣情!! 勃起する巨根!! 雄交尾を覗き見しながら自慰に励む警備員!!

④-②休日のオフィス… その静けさの中、欲情する先輩後輩リーマンカップル!! 誰もいないオフィスに響く雄声!! 後輩リーマンの雄穴を後ろからズボズボ犯す先輩リーマン!! コピー機によりかかりながら掘られイキする後輩リーマン!! 先輩リーマン、後輩リーマンに顔射!! その淫行を防犯カメラ越しに覗かれているとは知らずに…
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