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STHJ Muscle Man - Steve - Tony

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Muscle Man Slowly Edged

I had muscle man Bobby tied to the massage table, his rock
hard cock in my hand, administering a slow, gentle, stop
and go handjob, enough to keep him totally aroused but not
to take him over the edge.  He gasped and grunted, flexed his
muscular thighs and thrust his hips while I enjoyed the power
of having a big, horny, straight guy under my control.  I only
gradually increased the tempo, slowly bringing him to his reward,
until he popped his load into his beard in an intense orgasm.

Steve Doesn't Like Teasing

I have sexy Steve tied wrists to knees with his hard cock in
my hand, slowly stroking and teasing while he writhes, gasps
and struggles to cum.  He tells me that he hates being teased,
that it feels like torture, which is why I like using him so much,
but he needs the cash so he submits to the torment of an older
man.  Steve is so aroused that his cock stays rock hard even
when I leave him unattended for periods.  He  wants to cum
so badly.  Finally, I use an endless tunnel stroke to bring him
over the edge while he moans and pants in agony and relief.

Tony and the Mystery Edger

Tony is 29 years old, an electrician with a very muscular body,
thick, hairy legs and a big cock, and I've given him to my friend
to play with.  He kicks back to enjoy and expert handjob, and my
friend soon has him gasping and panting in pleasure, his big cock
becoming rock hard.  Tony tenses his leg muscles, tightens his abs,
moans loudly and shoots a load into the air.

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