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Falcon - FVP133 - Out Of Athens Part 1 avi

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90 minutes
Falcon Studios FVP-133

Directed by John Rutherford

Starring: Hans Ebson, Cameron Fox, Jeremy Jordan, Nick Young, Jeremy Tucker, Travis Wade, Tristan Paris, Dean Phoenix, Roland Dane, Billy Kincaid, Jose Ganati, Seth Adkins, Johnny Brosnan, Franco Corsini, Thomas Williams, Eric Leneau, Emilio Santos, Jeffrey Dickinson

Review (uncredited):

If I were to make a list of DVDs that all porn lovers should own, "Out of Athens" would easily place at the top of the list. John Rutherford's masterpiece is one of the five best gay pornos I have ever seen and the plentiful extra features on this DVD are a suitable complement for the top-notch film.

If you're turned on watching gorgeous, well-built, straight-acting "jock" types engage in uninhibited male-male action, you've found your new favorite film. With a couple dozen hunks that literally look like they were torn from the pages of an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog, "Out of Athens" combines hot sex and beautiful locations with an interesting storyline and credible acting on the part of its cast. (And I'm serious about the acting thing.)

Johnny Brosnan plays a handsome, young janitor who is an outsider to the college fraternity where all his buddies are pledging. When he tags along with them, gorgeous frat brother Cameron Fox laughs him off as an embarrassment and tells him to get lost. Brosnan probably wishes he had stuck around when viewers get a look at this frat's way of initiating pledges. Fox brings the prospective pledges out to the back yard where they stand around and watch him initiate lithe, young Hans Ebson. Fox man-handles Ebson and forces him to undress and bend over. With his clothes still on, Fox plants his enormous cock in Ebson's ass as six other frat guys stand beside him watching the action. When he's had his fill of Ebson, Fox pulls out his cock and dumps a gooey load on the pledge's face.

Pretty soon, it's one big frat boy orgy as the eight guys instigate a backyard sex marathon that viewers won't forget. Jeremy Tucker, Seth Adkins, Nick Young, and Jeremy Jordan are among the participants and the action never gets tiring. There's cock sucking, ass eating, teabagging, spitting, spanking, and cocks pumping into tight assholes like there's no tomorrow. Among the highlights, check out Fox and Young administering a brutal double-dick fuck in Jordan's ass, followed by Fox doling out his sticky white load all over Jordan's face and open mouth.

Since Johnny Brosnan wasn't accepted in the frat-house aspect of Greek life, he decides to check out the real deal - by traveling to Athens, Greece. On the boat ride over, he encounters gorgeous Harvard rower Travis Wade and the two men share a hot, on-deck encounter. The two guys suck dick in a fierce 69, then Wade sits on Brosnan's face, riding back and forth and enjoying an intense rimjob. The icing on the cake, so to speak, comes when Wade rams his giant cock all the way into Brosnan's deep hole for a ferocious ass fucking.

While in Greece, Brosnan comes across the gorgeous Roland Dane, who acts as his Greek tour guide. The two men flirt, hit it off, then steal a few moments of intense pleasure in an abandoned alley. If you've got a kissing fetish, you'll savor every moment of this scene. Trust me when I say you could get off just watching the intense, passionate, mouth-to-mouth action that occurs between these two guys. And if that's not enough, Brosnan goes down and receives a brutal face-fucking from Dane, ending in a messy facial cumshot.

Later, Brosnan comes across Jose Ganatti, Thomas Williams, and Jeffrey Dickinson embroiled in a no-holds-barred threesome on a seaside cliff. He watches as these guys engage in a daisy chain of activity, licking one another's balls, sucking cock, eating - and then fucking - ass. Apparently, living vicariously through the sexual pleasures of others doesn't work for Brosnan, so he initiates some cock sucking with the gorgeous Dean Phoenix. However, by this time Brosnan is feeling slutty so he runs off mid-blowjob. Not a problem for Dean, though - he's got a couple of friends who are willing to help him finish the job.

So we come to the final scene, a three-way fuck fest between Phoenix and his gorgeous buddies, Eric Leneau and Franco Corsini. There's all kinds of oral and anal action in this set-up. My favorite moment was watching Leneau lick Corsini's beautiful ass. A creative camera angle combined with Corsini's picture-perfect booty will probably make you lose it. If you can hold back, check out Dean Phoenix planting his uncut nine inches in both guys' holes, then sucking Corsini's cock so ferociously, he barely pulls out before unleashing his load right down Dean's throat. To make things more intense, director Rutherford cuts back and forth between the three-way action and Brosnan back at his hotel, beating his meat by himself.

The bountiful extra features on the DVD include chapter selections, a photo gallery, biographies and videographies for the cast members, contact information for the studio, and an entertaining and enlightening director's commentary from John Rutherford. The video and audio quality on the DVD are grade-A.

"Out of Athens" is the kind of film that simply will not disappoint. There's never been a release with such an impressive cast. They've got great looks, impeccable bodies, enormous cocks - and they deliver their lines remarkably well in what is definitely the best "acting" I have seen in a porno. And with all the bonus features included, you just can't go wrong with this DVD! Treat yourself and pick up a copy today.
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