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DARREN Torture / Punishment collection DBB + RS

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Private Pain – Part 1

Playtime: 16:06

Darren is a 20-year-old Private in the U.S. Army. Well, he was. Now he is a private plaything for the studly sadist Jared, who snatched the young solider off his base and now has him chained up in his private dungeon. The Army has instituted a new program to get its infantry men in top shape and Darren is clearly one of its success stories, his young body literally rippling with muscle as he flexes against the metal wrist and ankle cuffs holding him in place. “I’m going to love whipping those muscles, private,” Jared announces in his deadpan style, with just the hint of a lustful smirk. Darren thrashes and screams protests through his tape gag, but nothing prepares him for the special pain of the whip. Jared lays into his back over and over. Next week: Whipping his pants off.

Private Pain – Part 2

Playtime: 16:20

Jared went trolling for boy-flesh at the local Army base and came back with a solid-muscle soldier. Darren, gagged, blindfolded and barefoot, has no idea where he is or why he is being tortured. His muscular back has been cut up by dozens of blows from a leather flogger. His fatigues hang very low on his waist, ready to slip free. Then the whipping continues – even harder this time – until his pants are literally whipped off his hips, exposing a firm, round ass, a gorgeous cock and huge, dangling balls. “Who are you? Why are you doing this?” Darren blurts out when Jared finally rips off the tape gag. “I’m in the U.S. Army and you’re gonna pay!” he adds, making Jared smirk, before he cranks the kid up onto his tip toes. He’ll hang there, in increasing pain, for hours. Next week: Jumper cables.

Private Pain – Part 3

Playtime: 15:58

After spending hours hanging by his wrists, up on his toes, Darren waits alone in the cold dungeon, seated on a wooded chain, still blindfolded, his wrists cuffed behind his back, his ankles chained to the floor, his fatigues bunched around them. He feels the breeze of a man moving behind him and stiffens. “What’s next? What are these fuckers going to do to me?” he thinks. Footsteps approach. “I’ve got a surprise for you, private,” the young man who has been torturing him says, then touches two wet electrodes attached to a car battery to his pecs. Darren screams as the sudden, jarring pain convulses his body. Jared shocks him over and over, pressing the electrodes to his back, abs and legs and, finally, right on his cock. Next week: Punched and shocked.

Private Pain – Part 4

Playtime: 16:31

Still stunned from the repeated electric shocks to his body, Army private Darren shakes his head in disgust as his torturer gropes his pecs and abs, clearly enjoying his fit, young body. He’s lived in total darkness for days. Suddenly the man pulls off his blindfold, making Darren blink in the bight light, trying to gain his vision. “You are young like me; why are you doing this?” he asks the shirtless muscle stud hovering over him. “Because I like it,” Jared replies, totally deadpan, like a robot program to inflect pain. Then Jared punches the private hard in the stomach. Over the next few hours, Darren is gut-punched and electro-tortured with the car battery, his face reddening from the rubber neck-bondage holding him upright. Next week: X-crossed on his back.

Private Pain – Part 5

Playtime: 14:45

Darren looks great spread-out on the X-cross, his abs sucked in tight, his pecs and lats straining on either side of his deep armpits. He arches his back and flexes his massive arms and legs, but the leather cuffs binding him, attached with padlocks to the cross, won’t give. “Why are you doing this to me?” Darren asks when Jared walks in, naked. “You are just as young as me,” he adds, admiring his torture’s impressive physique. Darren wonders if the beautiful young man was once captured and tortured himself. “Did they brainwash him? Are they trying to brainwash me, too?” he asks himself, but the questions fade from his mind as pain of the whip takes over. Next week: Flogged and greased.

Private Pain – Part 6

Playtime: 16:26

Beautiful top man Jared loves nothing more than whipping a helpless muscle stud and making him moan and squirm. Well, that’s not completely true: His truly favorite thing to do with a helpless muscle stud is humiliating him by playing with his cock when there’s nothing he can do to stop it. After whipping Darren with the flogger, Jared greases him up and then works the stud’s big, black cock. “Get your hands off me! I’m not your plaything! I’m a man!” the young Army private screams, but Jared just laughs, rubbing baby oil all over the stud’s perfect body, then stroking his cock until it hardens. “You’re all mine, private, and I’ll do whatever the fuck I want with you.” Next week: Big, juicy cum shot.


Private Pain – Part 7

Playtime: 15:52

Top man Jared can’t get enough of Darren’s big, black cock. “You are going to cum for me, boy,” Jared tells his new slave while stroking Darren’s semi-hard cock. “Fuck you! I won’t do it!” Darren replies, utterly humiliated by his growing erection. Jared replies with several hard smacks with the whip, while never letting go of his slave’s cock. Darren looks amazing, his six pack abs, powerful chest and massive thighs flexing and unflexing as he moans while Jared’s expert hands work his cock. He can’t help but get rock-hard and then – completely against his will – spurts a huge load of cum all over his abs. His reward? Jared whips the cum off his body. Next week: One pretty ass.

Private Pain – Part 8

Playtime: 16:51

“Keep your fuckin’ hands of me!” Darren bellows as Jared pours baby oil all over his new slave’s muscular back and ass, rubbing the oil into every groove and crevice. “That’s one pretty ass, boy,” Jared says, reaching for his riding crop. Darren’s amazing backside looks even better flexing and tensing as Jared whips those hard globes and tight muscles with the crop, adding bright, new red marks to his boy’s already well-whipped backside. Next, Jared lays into those amazing muscles with the flogger. Darren’s suffering is nothing less than magnificent. Next week: Bastinado.

Private Pain – Part 10

Playtime: 16:35

After hours on his back, fearing the worse, the pain of electro-torture fresh in his mind, Darren struggles against his chains, knowing he is about to be stretched to his breaking point. Then it starts. Darren can feel his joints and spine being pulled apart – and there is nothing his powerful muscles can do to stop it. He screams and begs, but Jared just keeps cranking, somehow knowing just when to stop, then he turns the crank again. After hours of constant torture, when it’s finally over, Darren is a broken boy, a slave who knows his place, who exists to please his master. He will command a very fine price. Next week: Scarred Muscle.


Part 5


Our best rope man, Anthony, really knows his stuff. He has sexy stud Darren tied down to his bed with an elaborate web of rope that binds his wrists, elbows, chest, thighs and ankles, displaying him perfectly while giving him just enough slack to flex and show off. Anthony now ropes the stud’s cock and balls. A quick yank stretches Darren’s balls painfully. We’re not sure what we like more: his shrieks of pain or the look of terror on his face as his ball sack elongates before his eyes. Then Anthony takes it up a notch – several notches – gagging the stud and covering his nipples, cock and balls, with clothespins. Pain, rope and muscle – the perfect combination


Part 6


Darren is up on his toes, his cock hard, his muscle-stud body suspended in an elaborate rope harness that displays those muscles to perfection. When his cock starts to soften, rope man J.J. gives his balls a painful squeeze, then works that big, black cock until it stands at attention once again. There is absolutely nothing Darren can do but let this man treat him like a piece of meat. J.J. edges him continuously, making the stud moan with desire, at the verge of busting a load. But, for now, we’d rather watch this stud muffin suffer.

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