200 Amateur + 200 Marine cum shots Dirk Yates Private Amateur Collection

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Description400 Military Cumshots. Jacking off solo & together !

Dirk Yates Private Amateur Collection: 200 Cumshots.  (2005) Dur 1hr 46mins (VHS rip)

For the past 15 years, I have been shooting military men from all over the country as they pass through San Diego, home of the largest naval installation in the USA. I have seen some really hot and horny young men who stand tall and proud for our country. As I reach my 200 editions, I can't think of a better way to celebrate and salute these brave men who pledge to honor and defend our freedom. This special 200 edition features the best moments from the first to the latest servicemen who have provided us with countless hours of hot, steamy memories as they shoot their loads for us. Cum after cum, after cum. No need to count them because we have numbered each scene for you. Every size, shape and color you could imagine is compiled into this video to fulfill all your military fantasies. And because these are from my private, amateur collections, none of these men are professional actors and each cum shot is unique and natural. Most of these men, you will never see again in another video. So thank you for your support and loyalty for all these years. I hope you will enjoy this special edition of some of the best cum shots ever captured. Now sit back, relax and enjoy this uninterrupted series of 200 Cum Shots. And yes, for once you can let go of the fast forward button on your remote. Free 15 minutes.

200 Marine Cumshots.  (2005)  Dur 1hr 44min (DVD rip)

"Master military director Dirk Yates pulls out and dusts off his old private collection tapes from the very beginning and finds his favorite (and creamiest) jizz spills from real Military men. Get ready to watch Marines shoot big thick loads. The Marine edition includes cum scenes not seen in the original Dirk Yates' 200 Cum Shots. So if loads of thick and creamy military man juice get you off, then you'll keep cumming for 200 times!"

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