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Wrestling - Brad Rochelle vs Jaxx O'Doul

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DescriptionBrad Rochelle: Ultrahunk! Superstar! Best-selling BGE legend! Domestic servant?!? Such is life when the Leopard is in charge. Not content with forcing Brad to sign a long-term contract rife with degrading clauses, Leopard cues up one of Brad's classic videos--his brutal beating by the "DOMinator" on Demolition 3--while the world's hunkiest housekeeper sweeps out the ring. After excoriating Brad with a scathing review of his ring skills, Leopard calls in a 'trainer' to re-teach him some basics: 18 y.o. up 'n comer Jaxx O'Doul! "Vacuuming, baby-sitting--who am I? Mary Poppins?" Brad wonders. But there's a reason KL's given Jaxx his stamp of approval. He obviously sees some special potential in this lad, BG East's youngest star. Jaxx counters Brad's arm attack with an incredibly tight matchbook press - pulling Brad's trunks for additional leverage! He then insists on a submission in addition to the long-held and humiliating pin. Brad gets the best of a back 'n forth bodyslam challenge, until crafty Jaxx surprises with an otk back breaker and proceeds to re-enact Dom's infamous beating on Brad! Jaxx's swinging sideslam virtually KO's the humbled hunk, leaving him prey for an easy pin.

Just as the match seems over, KL whispers in his new protege's ear. Jaxx returns to the ring and dishes out a heaping helping of gratuitous punishment while Leopard snaps photos for his personal scrapbook! A cranking sleeper sends Brad deep into la la land, and though Brad is clearly out, Leopard insists Jaxx do it again! Another cryptic whisper from "the boss," and Jaxx rouses Brad to request a special training session in the mat room, under the premise that the "rookie" has much to learn. Groggy Brad painstakingly instructs Jaxx in mat technique-- which Jaxx picks up with telling ease. When Jaxx cranks an armbar a little too hard, the tutorial suddenly becomes a grudge fight! The outcome, we won't give away. But at one point Jaxx admits, "I never needed any instruction. I just brought you down here so I could keep kicking your ass." A lesson for the cynical: as bad as things may be, they can always get worse!
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