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DescriptionPART 1
Malik is a freshman frat boy who wakes up from a night of partying in a strange situation: His wrists are tied together with a pole inserted behind his back and through his elbows. The pole is chained to winch in the ceiling. When the contraption lifts him to his feet, he's more angry than scared, thinking it's all got to be some weird hazing ritual. Then a strange man appears. "Who are you? What's this all about?" Malik asks. The man answers by tearing off the helpless boy's clothes. Watching Malik go from annoyed to terrified is pure heaven.

Our teenage frat boy wakes up spread-eagle on his back, nearly naked, still gagged with his own undies. He hears a "click, click," and realizes he's being stretched wide. Soon it takes all the strength of his powerful body to flex against the springs and ropes of the rack. Then the whip hits his abs. The pain is unbelievable. Then the "click, click, click" starts again, but this time his arms and back feel like they are being ripped apart. "Aggggggg!" he screams through his gag, but the winch continues to turn.

Malik has the quintessential body of an athlete: Large pecs, tiny waist, rippling abs, shapely legs. It's the perfect canvas for our sadistic pleasure. First we outline each pec with pins. Then we clip one to his sexy belly button and each ab. Next we decorate his plump dick and balls. He can't believe that such common objects as clothespins and plastic clips could deliver so much pain. Imagine his surprise when we rip them off one-by-one, increasing the torture tenfold.

Our teenage frat boy is bolted into a strange iron triangle. As his muscles begin to cramp, he flexes and struggles, rolling on his back. With his legs and ass in the air, Malik's ankle is cuffed to a chain, forcing him into an even more awkward position. "Please, it hurts," the boy begs until he is finally released, only to be strung up again by his wrists, displaying his muscular body perfectly - and causing a whole new level of pain.

It's time to focus on Malik's amazing ass, a solid mass of muscle covered with flawless skin. "What are you going to do to me?" the boy asks meekly. "Bend over," the man commands, then cuffs Malik's wrists to the side of the horse. The whip cracks against the boy's ass. Malik screams and every muscle in his body flexes, but the beating gets worse. Lash after lash lacerates Malik's ass and back. Then the boy is stood up and is beat on his abs and chest. It's like whipping a statue of black marble.

After two days of torture, Malik is chained to a wall in the dungeon, scared and alone. To comfort himself, he works his dick nervously. Even though he hasn't been told so specifically, Malik knows he'll be tortured if he's caught. Little does he know his master is watching him the whole time via a secret camera. Malik's punishment is the worse yet: He's forced onto his feet and stretched standing. Watching his torso under such strain is bondage perfection.


[DreamBoyBondage.com] - Malik

BDSM, Fetish, Rape, Torture, Humiliation, Spanking, Interracial

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