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Blades is a big-budget, glossy epic, which centers on skater Benton and his boyfriend Bobby Steel. As the tale opens Benton is practicing on the ice, being watched by studly Chris Bolt who is peeking out the door of the bathroom, jerking off. He pulls on his pudgy prick and blasts off a gooey load of guy gravy.

After an argument with Benton, boyfriend Bobby Steel goes to a backroom club and slides his thick tool through a glory hole and directly into the mouth of Deacon Frost. Let us say that Frost is way up to the challenge of deep-throating dick and this he does with relish. Joining the tumescent twosome is delicious Damon West who turns this into a cocksucking contest with everyone taking a taste of tool through the glory hole. West fucks feisty Frost's tight ass doggie style as Frost sucks Steel?s schlong through a chain link fence. Just to keep the balance even, Steel takes his turn at topping Frost missionary as Frost sucks West's wanger. Ball-bags tighten and three XL cum-showers follow.

Benton is walking home from practice and is offered a ride by Ross Stuart. After apologizing for snapping at each other earlier, they return to the rink for some honest to God hockey playing. Leaving the ice, they melt into each other's arms for a rip-roaring scene that will wear you out. Their eyes flash as they smile, kiss, moan and groan, and lap at each other's pecs before Stuart takes Benton?s big bone in his mouth. These two blond beaus are the picture of passionate perfection as they suck each other?s dick and explore every inch of exposed flesh. Benton fingers Stuart?s smooth butthole and rubs his considerable crank against his buttcheeks. All that remains is for Benton to slide his big boner into Stuart's waiting asshole and dynamically fuck him all over the room. Benton sits down on the ice-sweeping machine and Stuart, without missing a beat, plops atop his prick and goes for a ride. Benton sprays out one of his by- now- notorious cum-showers and Stuart follows suit. Every second of this sizzling scene will astound and arouse you.

Barely giving you time to catch you breath, the next scene finds Studio 2000 favorites Jason Hawke and Jeremy Jordon getting it on in the locker room. There is something very primal and very personal about watching two men who are privately involved having sex on camera, and these two clearly know how to push each other's buttons and go for the gusto. The diminutive boyish Jordan with his buzzed hair and pretty face is the ideal partner for the muscular hunkster Hawke. Jordon sucks Hawke's uncut hose and nibbles his nuts. Hawke blows Jordon's joint then fingers and doggie fucks him across a bench with a force that is not to be believed. The in-your-face close-ups capture every stroke. Finally, Jordon rides Hawke's hose and creams off while being crammed.

Benton and Steel kind of decide to have a relationship but put the commitment on hold for the evening when buddies Andy Hunter, Cody Alexander, Jack Sanders and Aron Saks arrive. This six-man orgy, which snakes its way all over a huge leather couch, is an erotic embarrassment of rockhard riches. Lots of kissing, loads of cocksucking and penetrating buttbanging will take your breath away. While every guy is gorgeous the centerpiece remains the insurmountably insatiable Benton. His homo hunger is a joy to behold as he takes cock in his mouth and up his ass with equal glee. At one point, all six guys are locked together either anally or orally in the hottest daisy chain you have every seen. In the end, each guy shoots his heavy load all over Benton's buffed bod and if that isn?t a cumbustible conclusion we don?t know what is.

Studio 2000's Blades, starring the glistening and glamorous Brad Benton is a non-stop carnal cornucopia. Take a group of twelve guys guided by the artful hand of director Derek Kent and what do you have? You have a first class ticket to hard-on heaven, courtesy of Studio 2000.

Starring Brad Benton, Bobby Steel. Ross Stuart, Jeremy Jordan, Jason Hawke, Andy Hunter, Damon West, Cody Alexander, Aaron Saxx, Deacon Frost, Jac Sanders and Chris Bolton.

Directed by Derek Kent.

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