Military Classified - Cash 7

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Today I'm excited to bring back one of my all time favs on the site.. CASH! Yes this money man is back and better than ever looking as fine as ever! Today I've set up a scene for him to show off all the skills that make this stud one of my favorites on the site. Watch as Rob basically just does nothing and allows CASH to take charge of the situation to a logical conclusion... and yes, I caught it all on tape including outtakes on Rob's cut! Enjoy!
As you all know CASH has become a household word in the business and its no surprise so I definitely had to have him back out to Cali to take on a few of my best bottoms or converts and I had to include a scene with me of course. When we got the cameras rolling I was bent over on the bed with my bare brown ass in the air just waiting for CASH to come in and take over.
Cash came through the door, saw my ass, and began to take all his clothes of and without even saying a word, knelt down behind me and started a basically "make out session" with my ass. Straight guys are the only ones that know how to properly eat an ass... and its no wonder if pussy has been the practice ground. it drove me literally insane and I was almost begging for him to fuck me.
Well it didn't take long for CASH to comply and without warning lubed up that 9 inch monster of him and I bit my lip and took it half way... wow! Cash began to slowly make his way inside my ass with the gentlest of care and i was enduring it all. Soon CASH was beginning to enjoy the fuck as he began to pump my ass a little faster now and started to breath little sayings as he drove his cock up that tight ass of mine. Any ass would be tight with that monster going in.
Cash delivered one of the best top performances on the site to date and I was very surprised as how I handle it with the minimal of insurrection. Cash began fucking even faster now but still keeping the care that made me endure the whole fuck and soon he was ready to blow his load and pulled out just in the nick of time as he blew his load all over my ass.... cream pie city!

2020-06-30 06:02:15
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