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Campus Gloryhole - Private Videos Set 3

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Description3x01 Guy 01 Visit 01 (3:19)
This guy was really eager to come over. This first time he came over he started to cum really quickly, so I backed off. He came anyway and had a really impressive cumshot. After talking with him once he left he said he usually cums multiple times. I felt bad because I deprived him of a complete orgasm and he needed to cum another time(s). He should have told me to get back to sucking after his first nut.

3x02 Guy 01 Visit 02 (25:53)
On this visit I had already planned to get him off multiple times. After he jizzed the first time, I went right back to servicing his cock. It took a long time for the second one and his legs were getting shaky. If he were sitting I'm sure the second and third nuts would come more easily.

3x03 Guy 01 visit 03 (8:01)
He knows the drill now. I moved, but I get another setup I'm sure he'll come by to shoot a lot more cum.

3x04 Guy 02 Visit 01 (11:52)
Hot fit guy that liked the idea of getting off without any of the BS. Perfect cock for deepthroating and a long foreskin to play with.

3x05 Guy 02 Visit 02 (36:16)
This guy was already relaxed enough by his second visit to not want to bust and run. He even wanted to suck on me for a bit, which you get to see ;-)

3x06 Guy 03 (6:14)
College guy, but didn't go to school here... just visiting friends and stopped by on his way out of town. I left my main camera on all night and it drained the battery. I was so pissed! I used my cell phone for a bit, but it's real shitty video. He had a nice cock on him though, maybe at least you can tell that from the dim silouette.

3x07 Guy 04 (4:20)
Hot intact white guy that was in town helping his brother move in. He's an alumni from our school and couldn't believe there now was a gloryhole on campus.

3x08 Guy 05 (3:24)
A discreet guy that needed some relief. He doesn't know it, but I've blown him three times in my car already. I like his dick for some reason and he always cums real easily.

3x09 Highway Rest Area Blowjob 3 (16:11)
It's amazing how naïve some guys act, but then if you get them to follow out behind the trees and get down on your knees they know exactly what to do ;-)

3x10 Rest Area Restroom 01 (8:24)
This was after a long night of sucking dick. The place was dead at like 3AM and I was horny, so I thought I'd give a tour of the place and bust a nut on the gloryhole.

3x11 Rest Area Restroom 02 (2:10)
A nice fat man cock that came through the gloryhole needing service. This guy had on his wedding band.

3x12 Rest Area Restroom 03 (7:04)
Fucking fat intact Latin cock! It's hard to see from where the camera is, but it was much bigger than it looks. His cock curved away from the camera quite drastically, so it's kinda being foreshortened to look like a normal cock. That bend gave him the perfect trajectory to spray my face and side of my head with sticky cum though.

3x13 Rest Area Restroom 04 (5:35)
This guy knew what was going on at this place. He was a business type looking guy that sped up in his 350Z and headed straight to the restroom. Decently thick cock that painted some nice cum on my chin.

3x14 Rest Area Restroom 05 (6:58)
Long Latin intact cock from a trucker. I'm sure he is always sure to make a pit stop there.

3x15 Rest Area Restroom 06 (5:24)
Married straight guy I hit up on a social app. He was astounded there was a gloryhole within 5 minutes of him and said he loved head. It didn't take him any time to bring his long dick to me for some expert service.

3x16 Rest Area Restroom 07 (3:06)
Another trucker in for a pit stop. He asks me, "Come out to my truck?" You can see me immediately look at the camera and think about losing a video. Wouldn't have been worth the effort of going out to his truck anyway... he ended up cumming in just a minute or two. Oh yeah, wedding band on this one too ;-)

3x17 Rest Area Restroom 08 (1:34)
This was the tale of Goldie Locks. This young guy I found on Grindr and persuaded him to come try the gloryhole. He was a real good sport, but he forgot to mention he was barely over 5 foot. He couldn't reach the better gloryhole, so I went around to the stall on the other side of his stall where there was a lower gloryhole. It wasn't wide enough though. For being such a short guy he had a fat cock on him. He instructed me to just touch and play with it, but then when someone came in the restroom he bolted. He apologized later, to which I thanked him for being open minded. I'm sure he'll head back at some point to sit there and suck cock like me.

3x18 Rest Area Restroom 09 (1:38)
Intact Cajun local guy... maybe 25-30... pulled up in one of those redneck pickups and was reluctant to get out. After I headed into the restroom he came on in about 10 minutes later. Didn't take much for this boy to cum... I think he really needed it by the way he was all jumpy. This is a completely unscientific study, but I think there's a pretty strong streak in Cajun culture to keep their sons intact. Lucky for me ;-)

3x19 Rest Area Restroom 10 (17:33)
I worked this cock for a long time and finally worked out his nut. Hope he enjoyed.

3x20 Rest Area Restroom 11 (9:02)
By far my favorite guy at this rest area. He pulled up in his tow truck with a car in tow and proceeded straight to the restroom. I wasn't far behind, and when I went into the stall I could see him taking a piss at the urinals through the peepholes. He stood there shaking his cock way too long, but after looking around a bit he turned and left. I went back outside to see if he was still there. He was monkeying with the car he was towing and after he had a look at me headed back to the restroom. I of course followed ;-) He was just washing his hands though, repeatedly. That's were the video starts and the rest is pretty self explanatory. He was mid-twenties, dark hair and fit as fuck. Just a lean blue collar guy ;-)

3x21 Rest Area Restroom 12 (2:06)
This guy looked like some preppy college guy. Kinda out of place there, but then I guess I might be too. Kinda nervous at first, but once I got him to put his cock through he was more than OK.

3x22 Rest Area Restroom 13 (6:33)
Country man to the core, complete with the cowboy hat and boots. He seemed like he knew the drill, but kinda became uninterested I guess :-P And then someone came in. I didn't see him again, but I sure could suck that beautiful cock of his all day if he had wanted.

3x23 Rest Area Restroom 14 (1:31)
Someone blowing me, don't remember who =) I was thinking about holding the camera over the stall, but didn't want to get caught. I thought it was hot where I pull my cock back out though ;-)
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