Pounds second load out

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DescriptionThe pedigree of this clip is unknown.  I have been known to use the internet in altered states and can't always trace my steps the next day.  I do know the implication is he just got off and I believe this is possible.  I also know it was suggested he is str8 but that tattoo, while not exclusively gay, raises an eyebrow for me.  If this is his second cumshot in 6 minutes & he does side with the other team wiping that boy batter out of his ear suggests he has great breeding potential. 

Length 00:06:40
Resolution 400 x 336
Aspect ratio 1.19048
Format H264
Bitrate 213 kbps
Frames per second 10.000
Selected codec ffh264

Two personal notes:  I think he looks like Bradley Cooper and if you turn up the volume really loud not only can you hear him say the f-shot just before shutting down the cam but if you listen very closely you can hear all the times I popped at that very same moment (23 times at the time of sharing).
Added2016-03-08 22:05:01
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