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WH - Milan vs Roco - WRESTLING - Milan Pokorny & Roco Rita

CategoryWrestling and Sports
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Description - Milan Pokorny and Roco Rita are paired together in a submission wrestling match..Wearing just their underwear they start by doing some stretching exercises to warm up. When they are ready they shake hands and start wrestling. They grapple and roll all over the floor before Roco is able to gain a submission. He then suggests they should wrestle naked for the remainder of the match. So, underwear off, with cocks flailing they continue the match. As the roll all over the mats, trying to gain an advantage their asses are fully exposed. In particular we see Milan’s hot hole as Roco has him in a neck hold. Freeing himself from the hold it is Milan who gains the next submission. Roco persists in trying for a good neck hold and eventually prevails to win round 3. In fact, despite Milan’s best efforts Roco increases his lead, in part as he resorts to squeezing Milan’s balls. With their dicks swollen they start round 6 and Roco quickly gains another point. He extends his lead to 7-1 at which point the guys take a breather to oil each other’s sweaty bodies. After the restart Roco continues on his winning way, but Milan does manage to gain another point. Roco prevails though and wins the match after which they settle down for a wank off. They also wank each other for a while and then Milan, as the loser, has to suck on Roco’s massive cock. Milan wins the wank off, shooting his cum over his balls. Roco watches Milan cum as he continues to wank himself. Then he shoots his own hot juice, squirting it all over the place. They clean each other’s cocks and then go off to the shower to wash all the sweat and cum off.                       

For more detail see screenshot. 

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