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Hot House Backroom Exclusive Videos 21
distributor Hot House Entertainment released 2010 length 90
category General Hardcore
studio Hot House Entertainment
rating out of 4 non rated
produced ?
location U.S.
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director Robert C. Drake
Christian Owen
Adam Knox
Brandon Bangs
Cameron Adams
Jeremy Lange
Kris Anderson
Kyle King
Tristan Jaxx
Tucker Vaughn
Tyler Andrews
source: promotional material
Hot House Backroom Volume 21 features some of your favorite Men of Hot House plus horse-hung discoveries eager to become regular members of the Hot House stable. You won't believe how hard these guys work as they jack, suck, and fuck their way to the top!
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loops /
source: promotional material
1. Kyle King OgAb, Brandon Bangs OrAt
Did you ever want to take a mostly straight guy home and service him? That's what Kyle King does with Brandon Bangs. Everything about Brandon, from his boyish good looks to his fat uncut cock, drives Kyle wild! Kyle goes crazy on Brandon's foreskin, sucking his dick like a maniac. As soon as Kyle starts fingering his own hole Brandon knows he's going to get some ass.

2. Kris Anderson OrAt, Cameron Adams OgAb
We were cruising online for big dicks and hit the jackpot with Kris Anderson. Kris saw a picture of Cameron Adams and said he'd like to see if the young hottie could take it all. Cameron did his best to swallow it all but hey, it's a really big dick; instead, he redeemed himself by taking every last inch up his ass!

3. Tucker Vaughn OrgAb, Tyler Andrews OrgAt
Tucker Vaughn and Tyler Andrews meet in the Backroom ready to recreate the chemistry from their Live shoot. All Tucker has to do is flash his big white smile and Tyler pops a boner. They take turns sucking dick before Tyler kicks back and pushes Tucker down on his rock hard cock. Tyler gives Tucker a reach around, jacking his load all over his washboard abs. Now that's something to smile about!

4. Adam Knox OgrAbRr, Tristan Jaxx OgrAtRg
Adam Knox and Tristan Jaxx met during a Backroom Live shoot and told us they wanted to be in a scene together again as soon as possible. Adam loves Tristan's fat cock and Tristan loves the way Adam can take it. They waste no time sucking and fucking in this scene and the chemistry is still there. Wait until you see Tristan's cum shot hit the wall behind him!

5. Cameron Adams OgrAb, Jeremy Lange OgrAt
Cameron Adams has been trying to get with Jeremy Lange since they met at the gym. Jeremy told us that he never has sex with his friends; but all that changes as soon as Cameron whips out his big dick and starts jacking off. Jeremy joins him and before you know it they're sucking and fucking all over the Backroom. Now that's what friends are for!

action notes:
O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;
reviews From ManNet

Director: Christian Owen -- It almost offends tanned military-buzzed Kyle King to sit on the couch with light-haired cutie Brandon Bangs because Brandon has his shirt on! Forceful Kyle is the driving force behind the scene, biting a nipple while groping for Brandon's dick. Kyle inhales Brandon's fat cock orally, showing off his skills on the uncut marvel. Also helping the scene is Kyle pushing his ass out to the camera. The delicious muscular cheeks beg for fucking and Brandon is very willing to play along. He finally lights up when topping, pushing into Kyle with Kyle working backwards along the whole length of Brandon's pecker. After taking him from behind, Brandon does Kyle missionary on the couch, towering over his bottom skillfully. Just when it looks like Kyle is about to snap his neck from being in this tough position, Brandon pulls out ot cum. Both he and Kyle cream on Kyle's abs.
Director: Steven Scarborough -- Lean brunet cutie Kris Anderson has an insanely massive cock. Equally adorable Cameron Adams, with a tight muscular body, wants to work the whole thing. So, he swallows it whole as its still growing and then continues to deep-throat it when it's fully grown. It's a most impressive display and Cameron is ceaseless in his passion for Kris' big piece. Just look how red in the face Cameron gets with hard work and passion. Kris, who has a giant colored star on his chest, blows Cameron a bit, but Cameron wants to get fucked by Kris' outrageous curving cock. Cameron does not disappoint as a bottom, not in the least. From the onset, he can take every inch of Kris' dick, and looking so handsome and casual as he does it. Kris is obviously used to guys trying to prove themselves and he knows how to top, but Cameron is the star of the scene for taking it all. On the couch and on the floor, Cameron has no trouble anally swallowing it all. Both have sizeable cum-shots.
Director: Steven Scarborough -- Sitting all alone in the Backroom is Tyler Andrews, with succulent lips and a boner. In comes Tucker Vaughn, wearing just jeans, still beaming from a scene they had previously shot together. So, they decide to let lightning strike twice. Tucker quickly busies himself sucking Tyler, closing his eyes and going for broke. Tyler sucks as well, doing a snazzy job lusty job on Tucker. Tyler rims Tucker's yummy pale ass, really wetting it well. Tucker is all but begging to be fucked by the time Tyler's munching is done, and Tyler is not one to refuse. Clenching his abs for strength, Tyler gives Tucker a meaningful pushy pounding. He's fast and spry and Tucker keeps up with him. Tucker does well when he rides Tyler, still able to take it all and with vigor. He pops a load while bouncing and then Tyler pulls out to drop his cum on Tucker's chest.
Director: Christian Owen -- Tristan Jaxx, a bit hairy-chested and looking tired, is sitting on the Backroom couch with a very energetic Adam Knox, with all of his tattoos. Both get hard just looking at each other, so they start kissing. Adam then bends over to blow Tristan, who puts a hand into Adam's undies. Tristan sucks also, but Adam is the powerhouse and when his ass is pointed at the camera, it's a beautiful invitation to drool. Sucking and gagging done, Tristan rims and then fucks Adam. Tristan's stamina comes in handy here as he socks Adam hard with the full might of his lengthy shaft. Adam remains hard the whole time. Adam's bouncing is awfully gleeful as he watches to make sure he's taking all there is to take (and he does). The bottom dismounts to cum on the top's chest, licking it all up as Tristan readies himself to shoot.
Director: Christian Owen -- Cameron Adams, my pick for the movie's MVP, is back for a second scene, this time with Jeremy Lange. Sitting on opposite sides of the room, they chat a bit as we find out that Jeremy is basically straight with very little male experience. Bushy-browed Jeremy is hard as they talk, so he's not shy about wanting to try it with Cameron, who is outgoing and so friendly that it's inevitable. They jack off together a bit until Cameron bends over to start sucking Jeremy. This gets Jeremy very excited. He honestly does look like he's feeling something brand new. That's Cameron's talent! Jeremy sucks Cameron fairly knowingly, but once again, Cameron's deep throat insanity is the oxygen of the scene. Jeremy looks a bit unsure when Cameron sticks his ass at him, but Cameron is just too damn sexy to ignore, so Jeremy fucks him. He's not the best top in the movie, but he has the best bottom, so it nets out in the scene's favor. Cameron arches back to kiss Jeremy or gets into tough positions and it keeps Jeremy interested and attentive. Cameron takes it all over the room, cumming, I suspect because the scene has to end sometime, because it looks like he's enjoying it way too much to finish. Jeremy then cums on Cameron's back.
DVD features: Chapters; trailers ("Sanctuary II," "Sanctuary," "Trust Me, I'm a Doctor" and "Hot House Backroom Exclusive Videos Volumes 18-20?); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).
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