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Cazzo Film Berlin - Das Special Nr8 : Best of Berlin Privat (2011 avi)

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unknown uploader | Das Special Nr 8 - Best of  Berlin Privat
Cazzo Film 2011, 129 Minutes, 8 Scenes + 58 Minutes Bonus

Fred Faurtin, Milan Gamiani, Jenson Lomax, Nicolas Torri, David Castan,  a.o.

The hottest scenes from the BERLIN PRIVAT (The Gay
Porn Bedroom Report) series.
True love, authentic sex – totally hot! Eight male couples show you what’s what. Deep-throat cocksucking, sloppy rimming, fucking with feeling.

These guys really turn each other on– And you can tell.  Danny gets nailed by his boyfriend’s monster cock. Two gay porn studs in love fuck each other’s brains out. Two skinheads like it rough. Nicolas is greedy for anything that his old man can shove up his holes. In interviews the guys talk about themselves and the things that turn them on. Two hours of unadulterated sex + one hour of interviews. 10 scenes of cum-filled three-ways, four-ways and group action!

Berlin Privat 3: Fred Faurtin and Gil Nemo
Gay porn star Fred Faurtin’s debut – together with his lover Gil. Fred is a stand-out in his very first scene. And even though he’s a passionate top, he’ll spread his cheeks for his man, too.

Berlin Privat 3: Erich and Danny
Lean, blond Danny is eager to get nailed by dark-skinned Erich’s monster cock.

Berlin Privat 5: John and Paul
Two real men from Scotland.

Berlin Privat 6: Milan Gamiano and Leo Yankho
Two gay porn studs in love make for an explosive

mix: These two guys fuck each other’s brains out with passion and stamina.

Berlin Privat 6: Carlo Cox + Trojan
Carlo and his partner Trojan, two hairy guys, deliver serious mansex. Gay porn star Carlo Cox – usually a top – rides Trojan‘s cock until they shot their loads.

Berlin Privat 6: Ben and Gary
These two fuck buddies from England know how they like it. By the end, Gary’s been so thoroughly fucked that Ben’s hand slides up his ass, too.

Berlin Privat 7: Rick and Justin
These two handsome guys from Frankfurt aren’t camera shy and have a lot of fun together. Cute Rick eagerly gets his face and his sweet ass fucked by Justin.

Berlin Privat 8: Nicolas Torri and David Castan
Nicolas and David, two Parisian skinheads, like it rough. Nicolas is greedy for anything that his old man can shove up his holes. Just like Fred Faurtin, these two started their gay porn careers with their scene in “Berlin Privat.”
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