♺ Club 1821 - Hot Sessions 11 (Simon Rex)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-02-05 |
Californian Brad Posey takes photos of hot, young, smooth studs; the Hot Sessions series are made during the models' times in front of his camera, including all the nervous small talk, preparation, meat smacking, and often, astoundingly tasty cum shots.

Of course, Posey’s most notable "find" was Simon Rex, whose career at MTV was all but annhialated thanks to Posey’s swift capitalization on a number of sessions Rex had with him. Here Posey reveals some "previously unreleased" footage of Rex for Club 1821’s 10th Anniversary, reminding us how godlike-hot Rex was.

In between the banter, Rex attempting to inject humor in his session, and Posey’s creepy sniggering, there’s also a dose of irony: While Posey is off fetching a towel, the abandoned Rex addresses the still-rolling camera, expounding how he’s had to do this to pay his rent, how he’s remorseless about it, and how he hopes it doesn’t "come back to haunt" him should he become famous.

However, there’s much more to the video than that sad (or happy?) bit of legacy, for in addition to a couple of personality-less models’ sessions, there’s also Posey’s patented "hands-on" technique (Rex won’t let him lay a hand on him, although most other models are amenable). Somehow the director even manages to land a hot 19 year old Floridian into his lap for not one but two assisted jerk offs (which would do lechmeister Don Ross proud). This is possibly the best one in this series. Happy anniversary, Club 1821!

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