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Gay Wrestling Mad Mykel vs Ty Alexander

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DescriptionMad Mykel took nearly everyone by surprise debuting as a fresh-out-of-the-box, fully realized ring heel. His boyish handsomeness and hot ass paired with a shocking command of the ring, left his opponent and fans alike stunned. His method is his madness, playing to the roaring cheers of his fans that he imagines he hears over top of the screams of his opponents. With the face of a cherub and the sadistic lusts of a psychopath, Mad Mykel is as unsettling as he is completely unsettled.

If there's a reigning glutton for punishment at BG East these days, it has to be equally cherubic babyface Ty Alexander. His irrepressible enthusiasm for digging himself holes he can never dig himself out of has become legendary. The Trophy Boy's craving for corporal punishment of any and all stripes knows no limits. And despite the Boss clarifying in no uncertain terms that he had other plans in store for Mad Mykel's sophomore appearance in the ring, Ty's instant crush on the unhinged hottie would not be denied. So he arranged an after hours, illicit rendezvous to see what sparks might fly when you match the untested depths of Mad Mykel's sadism with the unquenchable lust of Ty's desire to be dominated.

"You really want to get beat by me," Mad Mykel smirks as they arrive ringside. He is squeezed to perfection inside tight red trunks highlighting his already bulging package. "I wouldn't say that," Ty slyly non-answers. In purple custom design briefs, Ty's fan favorite bubble butt begs for a spanking.

Five seconds into the action, clearly spanking that ass is exactly what's on Mad Mykel's mind. He tosses the notorious jobber into a corner and pounds the stuffing out of him with a flying shoulder block to the gut. "Feels good, doesn't it?" he asks, drilling his heel viciously deep into his opponent's midsection. Dragged around the ring by his hair, slammed and slapped, battered and crushed, Ty stubbornly refuses to satisfy Mad Mykel's adamant demands that he submit.

And perhaps, there's a method to Ty's madness as well, as his petulant denial of Mad Mykel's command stokes his emotionally imbalanced opponent to new heights of brutality. Slammed to the mat, Ty gets an up close look at what Mad Mykel is packing as he sits squarely across Ty's face, grinding his ass and crotch across his mouth. Distracted by the sudden roar of a throng of fans only Mad Mykel can hear, Ty turns the tables, schoolboy pinning his opponent and adding a ball claw chaser to make him scream. "You're so cute when your angry," Ty taunts. True enough, but probably unwise to push a madman further over the edge.

Wisdom is not Ty's strong suit. Stoking an opponent into a blind rage, on the other hand, is. These two fit like puzzle pieces, with Mad Mykel's obvious growing arousal matched swelling inch by inch by Ty getting turned on with every vicious hold. Ty's stubbornness slowly gets worn down to nothing but a throbbing ache in this crotch. It's the beginning of the end when Ty breathlessly obeys his opponent's order to remove Mad Mykel's sweat-soaked trunks.

The "end" doesn't come quickly, however. The ferocity of arousing combat melts into no less contentious sexual desire, as they scramble back and forth for who will control the pace of this freight train. Amid a long, aggressive make out session, Mad Mykel smacks away Ty's hand as he reaches to stroke his own stiffening cock. "Your going to do it when I tell you to do it!" he shouts maniacally, winding up Ty's lust to get off to a deafening roar. One last pinfall counts the cum-soaked loser out with his opponent's magnificent cock shoved deep down his throat. But let's be honest, no one is going home dissatisfied with this after hours punishment fest, least of all you!
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