CFNM TV - Miss Teasdale's - Detention Part 1-4

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DescriptionMiss Teasdale's - Detention Part 1-4
Clothed Female Naked Male - cfnm

PART 1: Raymond treats the teachers with contempt, defying their authority at every turn. He feels untouchable - none of the punishments handed down to him seem to make a difference. But Miss Teasdale knows how to bring the boy back into line. Her unorthodox methods are extreme - but highly effective. Raymond is going to find out that a simple detention can be the most embarrassing thing he has ever had to face.

PART 2: Having been ordered to strip naked, a nervous Raymond stands there with no clothes on trembling slightly. He's faced the cane a few times but there's something about the glint in Miss Teasdale's eye that frightens him. Little does he realise that this is to be a detention like no other he's ever experienced.

PART 3: The strap-on from the lost property box is coming in handy. There's nothing like a good hard fucking up the arse to bring recalcitrant young men into line. Raymond doesn't know what's hit him as it feels like his backside is being split in two. No longer is he cocky and ready with a clever remark - now he cowers and whimpers as the teacher breaks him in.

PART 4: With his arse red raw from the fucking, Raymond doesn't think things can get any worse. But he's about to be proved wrong. The stern teacher and smug schoolgirl Cassie have a few more punishments up their sleeves before they are done with him.
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