Backroom Exclusive Videos 23

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Description1. Dayton O'Connor, Donny Wright
Dayton O’Connor meets Donny Wright in the Backroom and immediately establishes himself as the aggressor. Both guys are hot, young, and hung so Donny doesn’t mind being told what to do. Dayton orders him to suck his dick to the base then turns his attention to Donny’s round ass. After rimming him and sucking his fat uncut cock, Dayton shoves his rock-hard cock in Donny’s tight ass. Judging from the size of Donny’s load, Dayton throws a pretty mean fuck!

2. Brandon Lewis solo
Brandon Lewis really loves baseball. Sweaty from a long day of practice he decides to rub one out. Brandon massages his growing boner and slowly strips until he’s rock hard and naked. After licking his pits and stroking his big cock he takes a dildo from the nightstand and works it into his tight hole. The feeling of his baseball rubbing against his asshole and the smell of his glove finally get him off, coating the glove with cum.

3. Franco San Roman, Tucker Vaughn
Franco and Tucker start their day together in the shower. The sight of Franco’s thick, dripping-wet cock proves too much for Tucker; he goes down on the Latin stud and sucks him to the base. They leave the shower and hit the bedroom where Franco returns the favor, sucking Tucker’s cock and eating his ass. All of this is just foreplay for Tucker who definitely wants Franco’s huge ramrod up his ass. Franco flips the willing young stud over and fucks a load right out of him!

4. Mark Talon, Craig Reynolds
After wrestling practice Mark Talon tells Craig Reynolds he sucks. Reynolds throws him onto the locker room floor and forces his cock down Talon’s throat asking “who sucks now?” The wrestling continues until Reynolds ends up fucking Talon’s big white ass. Just before Reynolds blows, Talon pulls a move and ends up with his cock buried in Reynolds’ hole. Talon nuts and tosses his singlet at Reynolds who jacks off and shoots his load into the sweaty gear.

5. Brandon Bangs, Trent Locke
Brandon Bangs comes into the locker room from a good workout and catches Trent Locke rubbing one out in the shower. Using his huge cock as bait, Brandon lures Trent out of the shower and onto his knees where he feasts on Brandon’s boner. When Trent offers up his furry round ass the real workout begins; Brandon fucks the sweat and cum right out Tent then shoots his milky load all over the locker room!

Hot House Backroom Exclusive Videos 23
distributor Hot House Entertainment released 2011 length 90
category General Hardcore
studio Hot House Entertainment
rating out of 4 non rated
produced ?
location U.S.
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director Steven Scarborough
Brandon Bangs
Brandon Lewis
Craig Reynolds
Dayton O'Connor
Donny Wright
Franco San Roman
Mark Talon
Trent Locke
Tucker Vaughn
source: promotional material
The #1 scenes that are burning up the web are now available on DVD in Hot House Backroom Volume 23 features five nut-busting scenes that bring your jock/athlete fantasies to life. If you've ever cruised a locker room or beat off thinking about your favorite all-stars wrestling, sucking dick, and fucking, you're going to get off over and over again!
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