FrenchDudes – Jafar & Ronan KS

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DescriptionOkay, now the real me comes out; just my kind of scene! We start with Ronan KS, a sexy young man, whipping out his flaccid cock and taking a leak; meet “kinky me.” Off to the side, leaning up against the wall is Jafar having a smoke and taking in the view along with me. Once Ronan shakes off the last few drops, he wraps things up and heads over to meet Jafar. Jafar might not have that “cute” face, but he’s got one helluva sexy haircut and not to shabby in the cock department as Ronan is quick to explore.
Down on his knee’s, Ronan starts working on Jafar’s thick cock getting him up to full measure and gagging along the way. After some lip locking, Jafar turns Ronan around so he can take in the full flavor of his young hookup. With his taste-buds full of Ronan’s flavorful ass, Jafar slips on a condom and slides in to stir up some flavor. Wait…wait… this isn’t one of those cooking shows, but it sure looks like a hot meal is getting served “up” quickly. From the sounds coming from Ronan, there’s a lot of “hard work” going into this recipe.
When the cameraman moves above the two and looking down on the action, itÂ’s easy to see why Ronan is moaning and panting so heavily; look at the size of girth on JafarÂ’s cock! And all of that going inside that tiny little ass on Ronan. Now under the two of them, we see Ronan jerking his hard cock and then the condom comes off. Jafar slips another on while Ronan keeps tugging and almost blows his load. Once Jafar successfully re-enters it isnÂ’t long and Ronan blows a hefty stream of jizz on the ground. Now JafarÂ’s turn, he stands over Ronan with the boy licking his balls and jerks off. When Jafar blows, he splatters the wall behind RonanÂ’s head and adds plenty of conditioner to RonanÂ’s hair.
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